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  1. Great update, Klei! You're the best.
  2. What are backpacks made of?!
  3. Yep, that explains the dirt, but not the igneous rock. The magma mass was not decreasing, which is why I showed myself mousing over all of the magma tiles individually.
  4. I dug out some abyssalite that was separating magma from contaminated water. Now, where the two meet, igneous rock and dirt are spawning infinitely at that spot. See this video: The magma is not losing any mass, so I don't know where the igneous rock and dirt are coming from. Also, I saved and loaded, and after a few seconds, dirt started infinitely spawning again, but not igneous rock. Good luck! The Not-So Rosy Homestead.sav
  5. Dupes falling into rocks

    This happened to Lacy while she was streaming today. Fast forward to 2:29:35 if the link doesn't do it for you automatically.
  6. Sometimes, a planter's red 'needs a seed' icon is a tile lower than it ought to be.
  7. The left lamp looks off, and the right lamp looks on, but both say 'emitting light'. This has been the case since they were originally built. Saving, quitting, and loading the game has fixed it; both lights appear to be on.