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  1. Thanks for all your help. I'll contact them and hope for the best
  2. I still have plenty of space so I really doubt it. I tried verifying the integrity of the flies through steam/ reinstall the game and even steam (yes, I was that desperate)/ going with a thumb drive to another pc to see if it'll work (the cluster opened without a problem), copying all game files from that pc to my pc to check if the download itself is faulty. I disabled and removed all mods from my game (even deleted it from the steam workshop folder to make sure there aren't any traces), reinstalled the game again and still nothing. To sum up, the game works, the cluster works if I change the given token with a dedicated server token or if I try it on another pc, the mods have nothing to do with it, and the firewall doesn't block the game so I'm really clueless by now
  3. cluster 9 is not a dedicated server and from the moment I've started playing worlds generated within the game never appeared in that link. I've tried this method and it worked for all my other worlds but, it seems really stupid that from now on I need to generate a new world wait for the error message and then go to klei account to generate a different token and replace it with the old one. The problem isn't that I can't play. The problem is that for me to generate/resume a world within the game I need to start a dedicated server first or at the very least a token
  4. Hi, @zillvr Thanks, I can now run a dedicated server. But I can't generate new worlds due to the "dedicated server failed to start" error message. I already tried generating new tokens through the link and replacing them with old ones (that's why I don't get the error message on pre existing worlds with caves). I'm having this trouble ever since the year of the beefalo update, I tried many different methods to solve this problem and I really hope you could help me. Master_server_log.txt Caves_server_log.txt
  5. I'm getting the this message while trying to generate a dedicated server. And get this message while trying to generate/resume worlds with caves
  6. I'm having the same problem, I "fixed" it by creating a server through klei account and replacing the token to my existing world but, I still can't host any games with caves so it's a solution for old worlds only.
  7. Hi, Ever since the "year of the beefalo" update I can't launch any server neither create a new one. I've tried "verifying the integrity of game files", uninstall and reinstall the game, and nothing worked. Although the problem is not with a specific server I've attached a server log and client log. Thanks in advance and sorry for any typo or grammar error. update: I've noticed that it only happens with caves enabled worlds server_log.txt