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  1. spiders become homeless when you give them a switcherdoodle regardless, so i don't see why they shouldn't retain loyalty through logouts by disappearing with Webber
  2. So, any time you log off or change shard you lose spider loyalty, yeah? Makes 'em run off. What's a cheap, spider-proof way of keeping their attention, like a fenced off pigskin for Werepigs? Obviously walls and fences don't work 'cuz spiders just wreck that stuff. Boats don't work either, if it's too close they'll jump on, and if it's not accessible they don't go for it. (A square of 8 end tables with pigskin inside works alright, though I'm looking for cheaper alternatives.) Any ideas?
  3. if spiders retained loyalty when logging off and when picked up that would be great
  4. 300 pages is a lot almost as much as the amount of frog legs in my fridge during spring
  5. I somehow only own a part of the "no death" accomplishments
  6. only the chosen one holds the power...
  7. wonder if this was posted here before
  8. May I ask, is there going to be an update that features Shipwrecked plushies? I'd honestly love to see a Ballphin plush ^.^
  9. How should one go about acquiring a Mr. Skits plush?