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  1. Looks like it's a skin for the top hat.
  2. Oh, there must be new skins
  3. Dedicated Server failed to start

    Yeah, there's definitely something wrong here. I'm seeing servers going up and down off of the server list, and even Klei's official servers are offline so the problem is likely not on your end.
  4. Ha, I understand who the character in your profile picture is. I feel smart and old.

    1. Gelatous


      I wish there were at least a Croooow or Tom Servo character mod though. Their Mystery Science Machine would be amazing.

  5. New Files in DS

    I guess we enter the answer here? The page changed
  6. I've found something interesting about it that may be of use to you. It seems that the age of the currently loaded world has an effect on the host strength for me. Today right after resetting the world we had a peak of about 30 players and a consistent "Good Host." About a few hours later the host became "OK Host." Eventually the server could barely sustain 20 players. I don't have a profile log but I do have a video which shows having a good host right after resetting the server, and I'm wondering if this is the case for everyone: If you need more information I'll try to provide it.