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  1. Started a new game (dst - ps4 v.1.47), explored most of the map and when I went into a sinkhole to go into the caves it pops me out into a new map that I haven't explored yet. I can go back to my 'explored' map by going back into the sink whole. I essentially have access to 2 worlds. So far tried to get to the caves with 2 sinkholes but warps me to the new world. So I can't access the caves. Apparently each sinkhole matches with a corresponding sinkhole of the other world (like matching worm holes). Only adjustments made to the world is no disease. Everything else is set to default VID_20190509_084319.mp4
  2. That doesn't seem to follow the general physics of the game, but when I loaded my save, the water filled this hole. So seems to me it was a small glitch. Nothing major at all obviously. Love this game and the don't starve games! Keep up the awesome work Klei!!!
  3. Noticed water not flowing to empty area like it should. Its visible in the picture and I am assuming this is a glitch.