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  1. Shipwrecked settings don't seem to be applying correctly if at all. For instance, if I set the season length to long or short, in game all seasons still have the same length. Also, disabling crocodogs doesn't work, they keep coming in waves in about 10 days or so. Tried RoG, seemed to be working fine.
  2. When caves are enabled, in normal world (meaning, not in caves) telestaff tames lightning but it doesn't rain. Now I have seen a commentary in the staff file regarding changing the code so it doesn't rain in the caves, guess this has been moved on to the outside world.
  3. Yes, exactly. Can you tell me how to put the marker, please? I have never done any work with animations before. I know a little bit of Photoshop, though, if that's of any help to myself. I have changed the coordinates of the fire position, just to make it more visible and made a few screenshots.
  4. Just to make this clearer, the question is "How to make the fire follow texture's specific coordinates?".
  5. Try going to the line the error suggests you to and see if there is written something that may have conflict with the game. Other than that, just disable the mod, the number of which you can see on the screen.
  6. Hello There are 2 awesome house mods for Don't Starve - Wilson_House and Wilson_House_Light. Second one has a fireplace, which first one does not have. So for Don't Starve Together there is only Wilson_House, made by the same respective authors So i have been trying to mod the script (for private world purposes) of the DST house, to add a fireplace. I replaced Wilson_House's atlas texture file in animation folder's zip file with Wilson_House_Light's. Now the script. I have added the fire options in the script, including inst.components.burnable:AddBurnFX("pigtorch_flame",Vector3(-210,10,-00.1), "fire_marker") which i took from the Don't Starve Wilson_House_Light mod's script. After all of this i entered the game and saw i had Wilson_House_Light's texture but no fire. I removed "fire_marker" and got the fire, but when i'm turning the world, the fire changes it's position as the house's texture turns. So i'm guessing that fire_marker was being used to fix it's position against the texture? Recalling that, i wanted to read the anim and build files with the notepad and see if there was anything mentioned about markers. After opening those files i saw that it's bytes have not been written consequently, but as i didn't know which bytes represented integers and which chars i couldn't read it in the end. Then i found the BinaryConverter tool and managed to read those files, but didn't find anything concerning markers. I'm in a dead end and need an advise from more experienced people Thank you in advance.
  7. Hi awesome people, not really sure i should ask this question here, but anyway. I'm trying to edit my save file of "Don't starve Together". So in the place where the recipes start i have some things unlocked and wanted to know what to type to have ancient stuff unlocked too. When i just simply add e.g. ,"yellowstaff" there, the game starts over again and makes me choose a new character. To use things from the ancient tab i have to enter ​GetPlayer().components.builder:GiveAllRecipes()​ in the console every time. So if you have any solution, or maybe some suggestions i would appreciate it very much. With kind regards!