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  1. Can't attack Deerclops?

    okay, i'll try
  2. Can't attack Deerclops?

    I was playing with 3of my friends when we encountered Deerclops. Ofcourse, we we're prepared for him, but when I tried to attack him the attacks didint hit him (the animations of me hitting showed) but he didin't react. my friends said that i was running into him when i was attacking him, so I don't know the reason why i can't hit him. Is it a bug or just lag issues from the host? P.S if its lag i'd also aprecciate it if someone could offer some tips on how to fix it
  3. Selling everything except for the classy shirt (with the tie) want anything for wolfgang/ or any other item, that is not worn on the chest (except for skirt)
  4. Framerate

    nevermind, I fixed it it can be closed now
  5. Framerate

    So a long time ago, when i bought Don't Starve it played perfectly but now it has choppy framerate and when i open the game it lags abit and sometimes it dosen't (i use 9mods) any suggestions how to fix this?