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  1. After numerous tests I realized that even inserting and managing the mod in the same way it is managed by the source code the error remains. So I don't think it depended on the "ReplaceAndDisplace" but on the initialization of the assets maybe ...
  2. I actually took inspiration for the creation of the chromiumboy Mod. Enhancing it so that it can only be applied to a specific port. Right now the only way I can conceive is to completely change the flow of the elements by preventing it from going through the door, however I can't find in the code where the physics of the elements is managed. Actually as I understand the world is evolving in the background. There is the game grid where each cell has its own properties, (set as pointers in memory or something similar) these properties change with the movement of the elements. But how these elements move I cannot understand. the last thing that comes to my mind is that the UI affects the game code. But I don't know if this can actually be true.
  3. can I know what the "SimMessages" class manages?
  4. Hi guy i'm here cause i need help with my mod. the mod in question kept gases and liquids separated when the door was in "auto" state so if the duplicators crossed it there was no passage of elements. the idea was very simple and functional. Override the "SetSimState" method of the doors so that only with my Door the "ReplaceAndDisplaceElement" was called even if the door was open for passage. but now apparently this method also affects duplicators by "throwing them back if they stop at the door". Specifically, the call to the "SimMessages.ModifyCell (arg)" method ModifyCellMessage * modifyCellMessagePtr = stackalloc ModifyCellMessage [1]; editCellMessagePtr-> cellIdx = gameCell; editCellMessagePtr-> callbackIdx = callbackIdx; editCellMessagePtr-> temperature = temperature; editCellMessagePtr-> mass = mass; editCellMessagePtr-> elementIdx = (byte) elementIdx; editCellMessagePtr-> replaceType = (byte) replace_type; editCellMessagePtr-> diseaseIdx = disease_idx; modifyCellMessagePtr-> diseaseCount = disease_count; editCellMessagePtr-> addSubType = do_vertical_solid_displacement? (byte) 0: (byte) 1; Sim.SIM_HandleMessage ((int) SimMessageHashes.ModifyCell, sizeof (ModifyCellMessage), (byte *) modifyCellMessagePtr); Do you have any idea how I can fix it?