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  1. My apologies if this is a fixed problem. I have 5 different "Unknown Blueprints" and am unable to learn them, even next to the science machines. I tried looking it up and all I found was posts from 2015 saying it will be fixed when you "re-enable the mod". But I don't have a clue what mod it's talking about. I tried finding another post that was more recent (at least 2016) but all I could find were the few in 2015. If there is a fix to this I would greatly appreciate it.
  2. I like it bot the trash bin doesn't stay where I put it. I'll place it in my house, then a few minutes later I'll turn back from wherever I am, and see the trash bin there. It seems that it pops up near you after some minutes which makes it a bit annoying since you can't pick it up and place it back in the house if it teleports to you.