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  1. On 14/05/2018 at 3:34 AM, minespatch said:

    All this mermaid stuff makes me think of @artistcrab, not sure what it is about DS that makes artists turn them into mermaids.:wilson_ecstatic:

    So Wilson is having a braid beard?

    Wilson has a binding around his hair to keep it in a ponytail and two beads in his beard. Maxwell ended up being a deep sea siren, with an angler theme.

    Was using inspirobot and it kept making ones that reminded me of Wes.





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  2. On 27/02/2018 at 5:22 AM, minespatch said:

    Is the second one supposed to be a reference to Flying Monkeys in Wizard of Oz?

    The first one is nice! Way more structure compared to your earlier art.

    The person wanted a monster style wilbur, the first thing i thought of was the monkeys from wizard of Oz, so yes a little bit.

    Aww thanks it was a hard pose still not quite sure it looks right.


    Some more stuff i did for some people on discord, they drew a really cool monster version of wilson so i joined in too.

    The first one is with noraml eyes the other one has mutiple eyes.

    scary monster wilson.jpg

    scary monster wilson 2.jpg

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