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I was taken to Maxwell's realm as a pawn in his sick game, all i wanted was some peace and quiet to work in. But I'm tough and it didn't take me long to make a home, and start my experiments again (fusing flesh and metal). everything was too comfortable for Maxwell, he got bored and angry with me because i wouldn't play by his rules. He decided to make things more interesting and sent a Clockwork Rook to kill me, it nearly succeeded, smashing the the left side of my body to a pulp. I was only just able to heave myself to my machines. I had to make a quick decision to use my newest invention on myself, and suffer the unstable consequences, or bleed to death.

It worked, but made my mind weak to attack. the monster i used to repair my body was now a part of me, it wishes to listen to Maxwell wanting to work for him once again, but i have other plans. i am both Nimra and WNX-19, strangely i tent to like WNX-19 more it feels efficient. I am still trying to survive Maxwell's realm, but now I have a new arm and eye to play with.