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  1. but how do you squeeze the liquid in? The outlet stops working at 1ton.
  2. How do u do that please? Would that not crack the walls? I do know that I can store gas indefinitely by cheat the pressure at the gas outlet but how do u do this? Plz it will save quite some space in my colony
  3. They draw a considerable amount of computational power. Even if they are confined in small place, the game still calculate where they can go every sec I believe. My mid game option is Mashroom, then Mashroom wrap, lettuce and mashroom takes little resource to grow (not much water) and are easy to maintain temperature wise. Totally agree. Sometimes I set up huge sweep jobs but sitting there watching them transfering material to my storage sink hole is still a pain... OMG that happens soo much. I hate to quote other games in this one as I dont want to bait a fight. But cant they use system like R*mwor*d where jobs and storage priorities are separated??
  4. I have played ONI for 971 hours and this is the first time I actually paid attention to this building. OMG, Klei u r naughty. That's where the strange sound is from.
  5. The picture is self explanatory. I am not using any mod at the minute, the dupe can build through the solid wall (not corner)
  6. Guys, have you ever thought I am going to dig out the whole asteroid and build the coolest ever base in the ONI world, but somehow you have not yet managed it so. Please kindly share your opinion on the most limiting factors.
  7. I have to be honest I have no clue where to connect to what. It would definitely help if I may see a rocket scanner and the fuel pump actually connected somewhere....
  8. Which is why I made this joke. I was so frustrated that moment I saw my rancher kept wrangling that poor glossy drecko it actually made me laugh.
  9. Me: Jack, you see that glossy drecko egg? Jack: Yes, boss. Me: Good, incubate it now, and it is priority 9, coz we need that plastic asap for steam turbine Jack: Yes, boss. Me: Good, I need to go away planning some expansion of colony, when it is hatched, put the drecklet back in the drecko ranch Jack: Can't do, boss. Me: Why? Jack: Don't have a drecklet critter drop-off. Me: What do you mean? You see that big red arrow pointing down there? Just mark it for glossy drecklet. Jack: Can't do coz we haven't discovered glossy drecklet. Me: Are u kidding me? Look at this egg! We are not going to eat it, so we will have a glossy drecklet tomorrow! Jack: Tell me tomorrow then, boss. You know, when we do have a glossy drecklet. Me: Fine. I will come back tomorrow. Now leave! Turner! Turner! Turner: Yes Boss. Me: See the pacus in our pond? Turner: Yes Boss. Me: It's lucky we got it from the Pod in'it? Turner: Sure, Boss Me: They will soon lay eggs and I think they may die soon too. When they do, put their flesh to some good use and make some cooked fish for us plz. Turner: Can't do, Boss. Me: Why? Turner: No such order at the griller Boss. Me: Ah, just place 8 orders of cooked fish at the griller then. Turner: Can't do boss. Me: Why? Turner: Don't have Pacu fillet. Me: What? But look at these pacus in the tank! They will die and they will become filet. Turner: Tell me when they die then boss. Me: Fine! I will tell you when they die. Wait! Jack! Why do you keep wrangling that poor glossy drecko! Jack: Coz the ranch is only for drecklet, drecko and glossy drecklet, Boss Me: Well where else could it be? Jack: Don't know Boss, but you only ordered me to release the glossy drecklet in the ranch, not glossy drecko, Boss. Me: I bloody tried!!! And guess what!!! Klei didn't let me because we haven't discovered it yet by then!! Hell. It's done now. Turner, can we.... wait, where is that pacu fillet. Turner: We ate them already, boss. Me: Why didn't you cook them! Turner: can't do Boss. Coz we didn't discover them, and once we did, well, they were better than those lice loaf so......
  10. That is much appreciated. Naphtha is certainly better.
  11. Hi guys, I am sure many of us are using waterlocks. I have seen quite some but many are based on steps and troughs. I would like to share a water lock where your dupes can run through, which I believe many have already known anyway, but just in case. So, before you go into where you want to lock the gas, 1. build a structure like this. Make sure the bottom of the mesh tileis free to flow away. 2. Fill in polluted water, then water, it should look like this. 3. dig out the rock and you are good to go. 4. Please note that the method sometimes ( I have not figured out why ) will not work if you are building the water lock from left towards right. (Exactly the same operation and sometimes the water will just flow away from the polluted water). If you cant get it to work from left to right, build a ladder and blocks to go over to right side to build it from right to left. Below is a failed attempt to build it from left to right. The water dropped down itself.
  12. So drecko won't travel through liquid? I didn't know that. But
  13. I thought it is a even better idea. But wont they just travel through the water lock and go somewhere else? Could I see a picture of the design plz?
  14. When I finally gathered enough liquid hydrogen to send my top-scientist off to temporal tear, after reading the lore "A colony's hope" I was nearly in tears myself. It is supposed to be a one way trip but the rocket frame was left there and I guessed it may serve as a monument of this mission. But, after more than 50 cycles, the rocket landed back and destroyed the bunker gate and gantries LOL. I never made automation for it as I thought it is one way (specifically said in the achievement and lore). Imagine the face of these dupes when they see the astronaut. Well, I guess it is kind of black humor, or unfinished develpment by Klei.
  15. I dont know if you have had a case where a desk is right in the long fire pole+ladder hall way and I have to go around it, or that it sits right on top of a geyser. If POI is supposed to function like an obstacle, it would make far more sense if Klei puts Neutronium boulders instead. They can be made of different shapes and is far more acceptable to players as a natural obstacle in sci-fi game. Right? I do use that method to produce natural tiles for parks. But having to do it to destroy a sofa, it just feels so not sci-fi. One second I felt like I am a colony commander and the next second this annoyance pulled me out of my immersion. It is more of a "player experience" issue. If the devs makes these silly features that stop the players from believing the world in the way devs hope to, then I cannot qualify such features as good.