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  1. Fixed on PC but not on PS4. This was a bug report made specifically for DS: Console Edition so maybe change this bug from 'fixed' to 'known issue' as the term fixed and it's description are misleading.
  2. In case anyone didn't know already. To spawn one of the new shadow chess pieces legit, build it's statue and then hammer during new moon while it is shaking. New moon. Not full moon. So nights 1, 21, 41 for example.
  3. Thank you so much! Is there a patch coming for both PC and PS4? On another note I would like to thank you all for your hard work and for producing such a wonderful game. Can't wait to start enjoying it again as much as I used to
  4. So back in March I submitted this bug for PC where seasons would randomly skip, sometimes 2 or 3 at a time, whenever entering caves and apart from two comments from others saying the same thing had happened to them I didn't hear anything back. I just presumed it was bug only happening to the minority and possibly something to do with my laptop somehow. Fed up, I stopped playing for a while and having waited through quite a few bug fixes on PC I tried a fresh save file once more hoping this wouldn't happen and it still does. Recently with DST and Shipwrecked being released for PS4 I decided I'd have a go at DS on console to get used to the controls and practice for multiplayer. I started a new ROG world (Shipwrecked linked although I have not used the Seaworthy yet) and the same thing is happening. Spring start. The game skipped an entire Summer and Autumn when going in caves for half a day just to pick a few bulbs. It then skipped half of Winter and an entire Spring during the 2 days I was down there looking for the ruins entrance. Today was the worst though. I'd waited on the surface through Summer and Autumn to get the giant's drops and on the first day of winter I headed to the ruins. After exploring the ruins for half a day I started to overheat. Having not got anything to cool me down (a little dumb I know because I usually prebuild everything, but who expects to overheat in Winter anyway) I rushed to the surface to face Summer. Of course hounds came so I had to deal with them before I went to base and if it wasn't for the jerky and pierogis I had on me I would have died. As someone with 1058 hours on DST and 433 hours on DS on PC I am starting to lose my patience with the game. I presume this bug only occurs in SW compatible worlds and next time I find the motivation to start another save file I will play ROG and SW independently from then on, which is a shame because of all that lost potential for base building... and quite frankly I really enjoy having coffee in ROG The bug can occur when using the Seaworthy and according to the comments on my last bug report it can also happen when entering the volcano in SW. Any feedback on this would really be appreciated.
  5. Seasons were randomly being skipped when I travel between SW and ROG, and since the update the same thing has started to happen when I go in and out of caves. Before there's been a few times when using the Seaworthy would cause seasons to skip. For example I once traveled to ROG to get honey and pass some time until the end of monsoon season so I could get rid of some glitched out puddles. When I came back less than half a day later SW had skipped 2 seasons to hurricane season, and the puddles were still glitched. Since there was nothing I needed from SW in that season I immediately went back to ROG, only to find that it had skipped an entire summer. Today, around 5 days into Summer, I went into the caves to farm Slurtles to pass a few days before Dragonfly showed up. I resurfaced after around 1 day to find it was the middle of Autumn. I've had random days/half days here and there skip when using caves but not an entire season. I've missed 4 potential Dragonflies now because of seasons skipping through Summer.