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  1. Just downloaded and updated Don't Starve for Mac. Then, ran the Reign of Giants updater. The updater worked fine, as far as I can tell. The game auto-updating itself did not, and died partway through with these errors: ABORTEDFile "<string>", line 1546, in <module>File "/Volumes/Workspace/Jenkins-MrBuildDS/workspace/DontStarve_Release_OSX_StandAlone_MakeDMGPackage/source/tools/Updater/build/updater.osx/out00-PYZ.pyz/wx._core", line 8660, in MainLoopFile "/Volumes/Workspace/Jenkins-MrBuildDS/workspace/DontStarve_Release_OSX_StandAlone_MakeDMGPackage/source/tools/Updater/build/updater.osx/out00-PYZ.pyz/wx._core", line 7952, in MainLoopFile "<string>", line 864, in OnUpdateCompleteFile "<string>", line 1009, in ShowError504: At first blush the game seems to run correctly, and Reign of Giants is installed.