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About Me

Real life achievements: 
- BnB acquired 
- 'murica acquired 
- "He's too old for me" acquired 

Virtual bragging rights: 
- own domain, website and server.
- Hosting 7+ DST servers of various types, under Slightly Tilted Steam Group 
- Hosting Minecraft FTB Infinity Evolved Expert Server and vanilla MC
#Unpro Discord  
- Teamspeak3 server. host:, no password 

"chill nazi" is my middle name: Profile

Soundcloud Profile
Downtempo Music Streaming Website
Unfinished Song List (only 2015-16)

Known facts: 
- Was a DJ at digitally imported J-POP radio station for about 2 years, until I stopped caring about J-pop. 

- streams on twitch sometimes. Nobody knows when I stream, not even me...