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  1. I think you get ten pills per fabrication.
  2. They changed how wheezeworts worked in the latest update.
  3. For a while I figured the machine was bugged since it stored up to 400 something Kgs of salt before it dropped it onto the ground, it's pretty confusing overall, there should be a tool-tip that specifies when it drops.
  4. The Breath regen doesn't mean anything since Slimelung doesn't send Duplicants to the Triage Cot anymore. Immunity isn't a feature anymore, the temperature preference isn't a mechanic, and Toxicity is a pre-outbreak stat.
  5. I feel like the germs themselves were fine pre-QOL MK III, but the immune system overhaul was a huge step up. I feel like food-poisoning should at least make duplicants vomit again, since it's even advertised in the trailer.
  6. Moved 20t of oxylite. Ended up with 15t

    The best way to negate this is to convey them through solid tiles.
  7. I think Sholve Voles can make dirt tiles as well.
  8. Genetic Ooze bug

    The molt isn't actually changing into anything, the rails just display materials as their raw element, so it ends up showing anything food or organic as Genetic Ooze.
  9. If it helps any, I've noticed this flashing happens the most when I'm configuring settings like in a storage box. As well as when Duplicants use buildings like the Pitcher Pump, to collect resources
  10. At the moment the space scanner is really hit or miss in trying to figure out the exact range of, it takes a lot of trial and error to try to make it work just right. By adding the boxes it'd help solve this and save a lot of tedious work.
  11. This verification is amazingly detailed, good work.
  12. I don't understand how they're useless, it's nearly impossible to run out of phosphorite and dupes deliver four days of resources to them at a time, the delivery takes 20 seconds at most, and if you're using an auto sweeper that's such a little power drain for once every few cycles. I think they're great as passive coolers. Nothing industrial though of course. They're great when paired with farm crops such as bristle berries, implying you aren't pumping 110-degree F water into them.
  13. The Duplicants randomly restart their progress on doing the errand, this makes it nearly impossible for the errand to actually finish. Engis-Tune Up Progress Bug.sav
  14. I've seen this as well.
  15. It looks like they're shifting gears to DLC.
  16. Right now Food Poisoning gives the following effects: Bladder Change +200%/cycle Bathroom Use Speed -20% Stamina -30%/cycle Ever since vomiting was removed the illness could arguably be considered a good thing, the more urine the better. The stamina debuff is also fairly negligible. I think the disease system is in a really weird state right now, but Food Poisoning isn't very well designed at all. I think Slimelung should also get a re-work but that's beside the point. I just want to gauge people's opinions on the matter and how important it is to them at the moment.
  17. This is not the case, Klei has already implemented some modders ideas.
  18. It looks like their planning to do DLC based on the March 2019 Roadmap
  19. The game mentions that they provide the natural breakdown functions necessary in a natural, healthy eco-system; that idea should be taken more literally. Instead of producing free Polluted Oxygen, they should be able to eat Polluted Dirt and Rot and be able to turn it into Polluted Oxygen and Dirt, at a 50/50 conversion rate for each. This would create a boat-load of Polluted Oxygen and would allow for an automatic breakdown process that'd let you not have to build composts in the late game. Their procreation methods should also be streamlined, an example of one method would be to build a "Rotitorium" A Rotitorium would be a place to put excess rot into. After enough rot mass is achieved, the building will lock itself off for three cycles, until a Morb is released from it. This method is far easier to understand than the out-house method. This method would allow you to get more Polluted Oxygen for your buck, making it so you wouldn't need ten-thousand Morbs for them to be useful. Let me know what you think about this idea.
  20. It's the fact you need resources that aren't super easy to come by to collect a common resource.
  21. the waves on the main menu

    I think the new water looks nicer in general. The old water would look super jarring when being sailed upon. It'd also ruin the joke of the old water not being real. It's just better if they make the water real and call it a day.
  22. I don't see how he's a better collecter if it takes him a proverbial boatload of nightmare fuel to make the collection faster; if Woodie can just do it any time and place regardless of him being a werebever. I think the wiggle room Woodie has should make him better in general at the collection of wood. Maxwell should not be nerfed.
  23. mathematician is pretty much the god of this community.
  24. luckily it's a better tank as of the new update, so that's good.