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  1. The geyser links you to Crushed Ice despite it giving you cold polluted water
  2. Dupes in the Dark?

    The farthest back you can go on steam is the thermal upgrade, the other versions would have to be acquired through other means
  3. If fixed outputs were removed I'd want it to add heat to the output on sieves and what not, but I like fixed outputs how they are
  4. [Game Update] - 322934

    yes! This is going to make organization so much better, thank you!!!
  5. It'd be cool but I don't know how that'd be useful
  6. This would be very nice
  7. This animation is MIA and it's too glorious to not be included in this game
  8. I'm pretty sure the building is still being tweaked
  9. The bug is the fact that fart gas is blocking several hundred kilos upon leaving the dupe
  10. It is a bug that they've tried to fix before, it's flatulence breaking water-flow
  11. Haha, nice. Also, thank you so much for this!!
  12. I noticed orders randomly moving to the incorrect layer and I'm unsure of what the cause is, I think it's been happening while they are off-screen though.
  13. Thank you for the clarification Joe
  14. I think the system really didn't need an overhaul, I think it was fine
  15. QoL 3 Skills Board does nothing

    You can manually give them hats on the skill screen now
  16. It seems like the auto priority is gone
  17. We need to remove Biohazardous and Strong Immune, they do absolutely nothing since immune systems no longer exist
  18. Duplicants definitely take damage from hot debris, the object exchanges heat with the dupicants