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  1. I think my main three issues with the radiation system right now are: At the moment lead suits only really matter if you're constructing near an active reactor or using beetas, I understand the germ nerf that's happened over time due to the review bombing that happened in the outbreak update; but since you have to fly over to start doing radiation stuff it should be a super big threat but also a super valuable resource. I agree that radioactive fallout germs should be more potent. I think radiation should maybe only be gently mitigated by toilets (to counteract shinebugs and light wheezewort exposure), but not be enough to handle surface radiation. Since the surface is only 25 rads a cycle it really doesn't matter if it's radioactive or not, since dupes can never ever develop a sickness from the surface alone.
  2. I think the water sources being less might be good since you get more general resources in terra. It also makes that world more unique in that it incentivizes space travel to get more water. It might be unbalanced though
  3. It's nice to have a natural gas geyser on the first planet.
  4. The Desanilator needs to be emptied when it gets too full of salt which is a work errand, but the description never says it needs to.
  5. The radiation overlay doesn't have a sound effect when going in to it like the overlays, it's not a big issue but it'd be nice if it had one .
  6. If they add meteors back or have some other sort of mechanic that blocks the sun predictably I think it'd be more balanced. I think the bunker door and scanner trade off was perfect, maybe reduce the amount of mass in meteors or add another use to regolith to make it more interesting.
  7. I like tiles forming from freezing, but making it so they had a mass cutoff would be really nice.
  8. The recent change to make ores freeze to tiles is a bit tedious to deal with since when you try to sweep ice in a close shave enviroment the ice will keep going from ice debris to water to ice ore, and when you try to mop the water it turns back into ore which can make buildings stop working. It's very hard to remove these bits of ice. Also when you mine these new ore they lose half their mass. It also can cause weirdness where a duplicant will mop the same spot forever when the water they mop freezes and turns into liquid rapidly.
  9. I think the space scanner network thing was a cool idea, I would like to see it return.
  10. I had one duplicant deliver a seed and it worked, but another was delivered and it caused the game to crash.
  11. I really love the push on fixing the tiny animation errors, it's nice to see that the little things are getting love too.
  12. I'm very happy with the current direction for space balance, I loved the concept of rockets and meteors in the original game, but I dreaded having to bust out the calculator to figure out how to make it work. Now that rockets are fun and intuitive I wonder if the space scanner network will get the same treatment. The idea of having a scanner network is really cool but in it's current state it was very hard to figure out how it worked without going online. What if it it utilized 4bit automation or had multiple buildings for the scanning process to make it a system. Keep up the good work and thank you for these changes!
  13. I think the meteors and the scanner automation was a fun challenge, but it'd be nice if they made it more intuitive.
  14. I'd love it if they removed all basic diseases except food poisoning and replaced them with randomly generated ones that vary from save file to save file. I think it'd be cool if in the germ menu it was full of ??? marks for each disease, and when you fully research it it reveals what it is and what it does. Maybe there'd be a bunch of properties and variables that could be assigned to them. So some disease permeates through tiles like zombie spores and causes a duplicants to emit large amounts of heat, which would pose an industrial threat into the game. I think making the diseases an industrial and destructive problem is one of the best reasons to make people care about them.