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  1. I dislike how easy water locks make gas containment, so I was curious if anyone has made any efficient designs that keep gasses out.
  2. This isn't a bug though, if you leave a door open restriction will not work
  3. Propane?

    It's spawnable using sandbox, I hope it'll be used
  4. Metal volcano Tutorial

    This was highly informative, thank you for taking the time to make this!
  5. Thank you for all of your hard work on this game, it's definitely ascended up to being one of my favorite games of all time. @Ipsquiggle I have a question, will the official mod support be similar to Don't Starve's and have tools bundled into Steam as well?
  6. I love this idea, it'd be neat as well to bioengineer positive germs to add into the colony based on recipes,
  7. Firstly, the Ore Scrubber eats chlorine that's pumped into it. This makes no sense because the Dupes are just dropping the ore into it and spinning the barrel, the chlorine just leaves the game after use. Here are two solutions that could fix the problem 1. Make it so the Ore Scrubber needs bottled Chlorine and make spinning of the ore add some heat to it as well to compensate. 2, This one will pretty much redefine the building in a (mostly) better way: Make it so Duplicants deposit the minerals in the box and go on by, the building will then auto-scrub the ore and deposit the brand new clean ore into a conveyor belt output. This'll mean that the new Ore Scrubber will need bottled chlorine to first prime and electricity to compensate for the new change.
  8. This was one of the bigger changes of the QOL mark II upgrade
  9. I'd love germs to be fleshed out, because right now they're just an early game roadblock
  10. This is a building that is already in the game, it's called the gas element sensor
  11. Perhaps they could just avoid space entirely, this isn't really an issue but it's an interesting thought because they use gas to fly. Also, it is kind of weird seeing them flying around with the meteors but it's fine either way
  12. Like the Space Scanner, it'd be a menu option where you can have it operate differently based on three different modes. One feature it could have is the ability to limit the number of dupes that have passed through that point. The way that would work is that it'd increment by one each time a duplicant passes through, and decrease when they come back. When that ticks to zero it turns red and it'll deny entry. Another feature could be to deny duplicants who are covered in germs
  13. I saw some running around as well, but I couldn't catch a screenshot of them.
  14. Apologies on all the edits, I wanted to clarify as much as I could