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  1. Don't Starve Hamlet and Shipwrecked were tested through early access, Klei is usually pretty good about testing DLC.
  2. I wonder how the printing pod will work, will we be able to move it!!? actually wait there's multiple in the image woah they added window background tiles, yessss
  3. This results in some shenanigans when you pause and zoom and then unpause. Here is a save on the location of the screenshots Leaky Spacestation.sav
  4. No need to be rude, they were just handing out some advice on top of their explanation of why this is happening. Mechanized Airlocks can be made out of steel, so placing them underneath can help prevent overheating. I'd recommend putting bunker doors underneath those airlocks so when the rockets about to launch, the doors can open and wont be hit by meteors.
  5. The Magma Biome also can eat geysers from what I've seen.
  6. The leftmost duplicant is missing their torso while using the wind-tunnel.
  7. While it's sad to see this go, it does make sense. Since you can use the chair without sun-light for a sizeable moral boost.
  8. When Duplicants use the Vertical Wind Tunnel their hair and torso often go missing. Save-file that is right on the issue: Rosy Spacestation.sav
  9. I love how they eat the cup at the end of the juicer animation, it makes me very happy.
  10. Duplicants that would otherwise have unibrows now lack the facial hair as of the new preview.
  11. Tropical Pacu Fry use a smaller version of the adult Tropical Pacu art. The actual Tropical Pacu Fry art is different than the one used. Tropical Pacu Fry Art Bug.sav
  12. The pedestal has the following oddities Some items are positioned bizarrely, with some appearing to be floating. Items displayed are layered in front of duplicants. Most of the standard debris display the same description error. Items displayed use the smaller debris variant instead of the larger one shown on the menu. While I do have multiple mods loaded, I don't believe they are the cause of the oddities. Here's a save file that is loaded near the screenshot Rosy Spacestation.sav