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  1. ONI multiplayer

    that sounds terrifying, yeah I see why that'd be problematic.
  2. ONI multiplayer

    pseudo mutliplayer could be fun, if you could somehow launch rockets to other player's bases and maybe trade and see like a screenshot of their base. Full on multiplayer would be too much of an undertaking
  3. the live-stream is great, I love the artstyle in it.
  4. Both of these suggestions are great ideas, a way to spend spare seeds would be nice.
  5. This results in some shenanigans when you pause and zoom and then unpause. Here is a save on the location of the screenshots Leaky Spacestation.sav
  6. Gulp fish can purify water, but it's really ininituitive since the game doesn't really tell you it.
  7. Here's something that might make it even more interesting. Maybe when it launches you need not one but two mega rocket-silo structures. One that shoots it into space, and one that acts as the mechanism that catches it. Perhaps a building could be added that can construct and deconstruct buildings similar to the robominer, so it can deconstruct the landing rocket and transport it via rails to the launch silo. This would likely be hard to implement, and overly engineered, but it'd be an interesting construction challenge.
  8. While C and K are much easier for math, I prefer F since I grew up with it.
  9. Bunker door overheating

    No need to be rude, they were just handing out some advice on top of their explanation of why this is happening. Mechanized Airlocks can be made out of steel, so placing them underneath can help prevent overheating. I'd recommend putting bunker doors underneath those airlocks so when the rockets about to launch, the doors can open and wont be hit by meteors.
  10. The Magma Biome also can eat geysers from what I've seen.
  11. Resources in ONI are very renewable. You're guaranteed to get at least two infinite sources of water. Plus a bunch of miscellaneous material infinite sources. Plus you can ship new material via rockets.
  12. I think the update and the new short came out because the artists had nothing on their schedule. They can only start plugging in artwork when they know that the building/critter in question is a good idea to spend resources on. I assume a small number of programmers worked on the new upgrade while the rest is working on future content. My evidence is that the upgrade was almost purely art-themed, there were no big mechanical gameplay changes except the joy-reactions. Which are also very cosmetic. In my eyes, I see this as a win-win since players get a small chunk of content in the meantime, and the artists have something to make/do while the programmers work at future content.
  13. It's weird seeing this animation working, normally the food glitches out and teleports to the other hand rapidly.
  14. The leftmost duplicant is missing their torso while using the wind-tunnel.