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  1. Maybe they haven't added meteors back in yet because they're changing them, or they temporarily turned them off so people could easily launch rockets and test the systems, I don't think solar panels being like this will be in the final game.
  2. I'd love it if they removed all basic diseases except food poisoning and replaced them with randomly generated ones that vary from save file to save file. I think it'd be cool if in the germ menu it was full of ??? marks for each disease, and when you fully research it it reveals what it is and what it does. Maybe there'd be a bunch of properties and variables that could be assigned to them. So some disease permeates through tiles like zombie spores and causes a duplicants to emit large amounts of heat, which would pose an industrial threat into the game. I think making the diseases an industrial and destructive problem is one of the best reasons to make people care about them.
  3. The button for the random duplicant name selection doesn't work very well, it can take many clicks in order to get it to function.
  4. I would love it if this was a world gen feature
  5. I don't know how well this would work but you could utilize the duplicant checkpoint to have them wait a second inside the rocket.
  6. I think they're waiting to get the rocketry system realized and all the systems in before they introduce more late game stuff like geyser balance and more planetoids.
  7. my theory is that the doors aren't allowing duplicants to stand in them, but they're still trying to
  8. If a duplicant tries to stand in an airlock they'll get pushed out, which causes them to freeze in place while doing their task. This effect causes deliveries to take a long time due to them being stunned between each delivery . This same effect happens when a tile is built on top of a duplicant while they are doing something as well. It effects all kinds of tasks but some have worse effects than others.
  9. you can remove the debuff by equiping the suit again and removing it again
  10. I think there's a module that's not in the game at the moment that is intended for exploration. The cartographer module.
  11. Back when the recreational pack launched I remember there being a lot of variation in sticker types, recently over a lot of sticker bombings, I've only noticed this variation ever show up in game. I might be very unlucky.
  12. The new polluted dirt texture looks a lot better in game, it's part of the new swamp biome.
  13. Telescopes cannot see through glass but can see fine through mesh tiles, this makes trying to make a well heated room difficult since the oxygen will escape the room
  14. My recommended solution is to have it so the masks get scrapped when returned where you get like 90% of the original metal, and the oxygen is restored back into the machine. Also using the masks in the new starting space biome is a little painful since duplicants form massive pools of liquid carbon dioxide because the surface is so cold. I'd like it if meteors were re-enabled on the starting planet, but the cold may be part of the challenge so I'm not sure.
  15. A glitch of unknown origin is cause the germ count in the shown pool to multiply to an amount that is difficult to deal with. The terrain keeps rapidly freezing small amounts of water and melting it which could somehow be related to the rapid growth. The save file is provided below Acidic Dwelling.sav