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  1. I've never experienced the coffee or watercooler one, and I have both in my base taking in germ water
  2. It's kind of hard to get food poisoning from it unless you're making mush bars, assuming you're on normal diffucultly
  3. Drywall prevents placement of Gantries which makes building rocket silos very difficult if you want to have it filled with drywall.
  4. [MODS] Material Probe

    Woah this looks amazing, good job!
  5. The descriptions imply that this is indeed an alien and not a bio-engineered organism
  6. I'm not singling it out for any real reason, I was just curious about what the communities opinion was for this building
  7. Since they have a little background bit, and the fact that they also have rails on the sides doesn't make walking along it too unrealistic
  8. Why wouldn't you want them to be able to walk across them? It makes it easier to traverse the space biome.
  9. Question: does the Epic store allow the same beta branch testing that Steam allows?
  10. It'd be nice to have an end-game storage bin
  11. So it's known that when you discover something it appears on the available options on these, so you don't see stuff you haven't unlocked yet. However, this can be an issue if you've only discovered one of that category, let's say you've only seen Water when you tick it'll also tick "All" and whenever you discover a new resource it'll stay as all. This can be a huge issue because Duplicants may deliver resources to devices that could cause unintended doom to any new players base. It can cause someone to dump Pwater/Chlorine or Slime to somewhere they really don't want it.
  12. This bug is pretty annoying because it can lock a duplicant for a whole cycle
  13. Shove vole tutorial

    This is a very well informed tutorial
  14. [Game Update] - 309354

    I disagree with that. I can't imagine it was too hard to change a few lines of code to make it so doors don't leak gas. As well as the fact that adding drywall to doors and tiles gave players an unfair advantage by increasing thermal reactivity to tiles. I think the new art for the doors couldn't have taken more than 5~ hours to do, so I don't think it was a waste of development time.