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  1. If you send your save file I can take a look at it. The way you find save files for the game if your on Windows would be to go down this file path C:\Users\"The name of your computer"\Documents\Klei\OxygenNotIncluded\save_files Then nab the save file used in this screenshot which would be something like "Acidic Colony.sav" and then just click here and select that file to upload it. Make sure to keep that file in the folder however
  2. The geyser links you to Crushed Ice despite it giving you cold polluted water
  3. Dupes in the Dark?

    The farthest back you can go on steam is the thermal upgrade, the other versions would have to be acquired through other means
  4. If fixed outputs were removed I'd want it to add heat to the output on sieves and what not, but I like fixed outputs how they are
  5. [Game Update] - 322934

    yes! This is going to make organization so much better, thank you!!!
  6. It'd be cool but I don't know how that'd be useful
  7. This would be very nice
  8. This animation is MIA and it's too glorious to not be included in this game
  9. I'm pretty sure the building is still being tweaked
  10. The bug is the fact that fart gas is blocking several hundred kilos upon leaving the dupe
  11. It is a bug that they've tried to fix before, it's flatulence breaking water-flow