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  1. Well, it's kiiinda like an idea I had just today~ Gonna preface by saying that imo I feel like Wendy is in a really good spot already. The only current tweak I'd want her to have is a tighter tether on Abigail so she wouldnt get stuck on the occasional tentacle/etc if you're just running through a dangerous place. Maaaybe give her DS agro control for Abigail, instead of having to feint an attack for her to target something, but that could be a general change to followers in dst. But anyway: Power after death! When Wendy dies, she can attack other creatures with time-of-day damage as a ghost like Abigail. If she takes too much damage (sad eyes) she becomes a regular, incorporeal player ghost again until her spooky-health regenerates sufficiently- maybe even all the way to max. I'm... not really sure how viable death-perks could be, but I thought they'd fit very well thematically. Something interesting to add some flavor if she happens to trip up against some nasty beastie... wait, I worded that poorly.
  2. Hey actually. This sounds pretty nice. We already have boats that act p much as a moving landmass, why not have a boss like that? Wouldnt even need to be a turtle (although that seems the most fitting for a platform boss), but fighting on some huge monster's back sounds cool >:o
  3. Read around for a bit, had another lil ol thought. Im not sure if this, uh, fits in with Klei's plans but I thought it sounded kinda neat: Insanity fires! Like, not fires while insane but actual figments of her broken mental state. o w o When insane, she'd spawn fake fires like.. mm this might be hard to code.. - fires similar to her past iterations when insane. These fires behave like typical, heating and spreading, but they won't actually burn down structures or items. Sane players either dont see the fires or see them as a small beacon like a warm stone (may or may not provide light) but other low sanity players can see and be effected by the ghost fires. The world's burning down around her òwó
  4. Ooh~ This looks good~ Ah.. just had a thought. Wishful thinking but- allow willow to put out full fires, though this will cost her health like smouldering fires for other characters (not sure how much health, but.) Excited for the release~~ edit: Oh, some people have mentioned this idea already. Sorry bout that uwu Ah, also also, Bernie vs shadow bosses/fuelweaver? ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
  5. Would you be able to point me in the direction of some sort of weapon/wearable guide as a next step after this? I'm trying my hand at actually making something mod/code related and I'd loove to have some sort of resource, something besides the salvaged pieces of various mods I've downloaded to bash my head against in hopes of Frankensteining my mod into a somewhat passable something.