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  1. Glommer backpack ingame looks more of a sack than a pack
  2. its not like pets are gonna be treated as a rare pet drop right?
  3. HUH ITS GONNA BE THA NEW POKEMON someone edit this video and replace most of the faces with DST faces
  4. @Chris1488 Does it come with the plush or like they email to you?
  5. Its like a little dead baby but gotta admit looks pretty nice But Idk if the plushie comes with the code
  6. How do you get these Loyal items? -Deerclops Duffel-Glommer Pack-Meepsack-Calico Chester Chest-Black Winter Hat-Pink Winter Hat Was really interested to know how to get them
  7. hey remember when the dragonfly backpack was like Expensive this is what is being treated to our little robber
  8. When I saw this it reminded me of Kirbopher15 a good old fellow animator but the teaser pic reminds me from a part in Waltz of the forest but interested to see this
  9. i gotta admit least this crabpack beats the little catcoon pack
  10. Got a Question about the Crabbit Plushie do you guys send the code via email or inside the package with the plushie
  11. thanks now i bought it Please nome Don't troll me and make it as a droppable/trade up item
  12. Is the letterman jacket a droppable item or is it a limited
  13. Does Tiled Work with don't starve together?

    if does be neat 

  14. I got 9 Loungewears but I cant turn them in why? does tradeinn not do Distinguished tiers
  15. When i host a game it crashes but when i join my friends game it doesn't crash can u fix this bug or know whats wrong please fix this