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  1. you know what skin concept be nice Shadow wilson(one seen in beta or alpha I think) for Wilson
  2. tbh I like the willow and wilson ghost picture
  3. Wait wait my boy, correct me a Genderless robot called OP-78 is nerfed but by the 12.86-14.87 those are actual days with lighting/End is nigh right so thats how long it last? or how many minutes, seconds does WX get when struck by the book or natural causes
  4. Is the one and only Potato cup gonna be a April fools 2017 item? tbh that seems like a good April fools joke
  5. you know for a promo collection skin on the pax skin exclusives they could have done Penny Arcade skins for Wilson and Maxwell, like Tycho as Wilson and Gabe as Maxwell
  6. I have a lots of Red Lanterns but they don't go away at 0% and Its kinda annoying when you really can't delete them or burn them I've been wondering if you can refuel them because that's what it seems but I nothing that I use can refuel it, would be nice if I got a answer on how to make them go away after the 0% mark but thanks for reading this
  7. Interesting enough Is the next update going to have Rose collection?
  8. Hey now I can easily wreck Toadstool by placing so many sentries this game is now considered Don't starve fortress
  9. there is showcase videos about that but why is KingDedede every post that I see
  10. If you ever saw Lupin the III then re make this scene Wigfrid Samurai conecept art skin as Goemon (the guy in the right) Guest of Honor WX78 as Lupin (the guy in the middle) Warly with a Bowler hat on and a Tuxedo as Jigen (guy on the left)
  12. I like this update because the new stuff is nice but but......... No samurai wigfrid skin
  13. Make Wendy your typical school girl anime character Willow as the yandre Wes as a silent freakish killer Maxwell as the main bad guy like DIO Wilson to be the Jotaro Make wx78 look like a gundum or people inside wx78 while fighting the clockwork gang Make Wigfrid in a huge fight scene or eating contest against beager Put shadow Webber in like some sort of world war 1 with spiders against another army of spiders with the spider queen Make Wickerbottom the guardian of the glommer statue and woodie having a transformation scene
  14. Should I unbox more (trade inn basically) Or should I just wait till thursday for the drops because this is what I unbox from trade inn Mary janes More Formal collection boots Patched bodysuit, festive stocking hat for the finale a Holly or Holy wreath
  15. so all these new skins can be obtained right now right?
  16. did you increased chances of finding one and getting one or just finding one?