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  1. I just realized this. Initially I thought 243968 is for Beta. Entered Beta and it's 239100 and when opted out it's 243968. You are correct Faintly. My mistake there.
  2. I agree probably a Steam issue. I have tried every guide there is but to no avail. However, reinstalling works because it also downloaded latest version of the game. I'm not sure for future updates though. Thank you for your help.
  3. Newest version is 243968. Steam doesn't seem to update the game even with automatic update turned on. Tried verifying the game files but still not work. Game menu still shows Seas The Day title and version 239100.
  4. First of all, my world setting are as follows: World Size: Huge Mild, Hurricane, Monsoon, Dry: Long Dragoon Eggs: None Krampus: More Here are some of bugs I've encountered in normal and Beta Shipwrecked. I don't want to deal with volcanic eruption but still have access to volcano so I set Dragoon Eggs to 'none'. The eruption still occurs with smoke and ashes covering the screen and slight temperature rising but there are no falling dragoon eggs. After Dry Season ended I went into the volcano and I get overheated rapidly as if I'm in the volcano at the time of eruption. This still persist even until Monsoon Season. [Normal & Beta Shipwrecked] Fishing in Shoal now spawn a Crocodog instead of a Sea Hound. [Beta Shipwrecked] Spawning Sea Hounds via dropping Meaty Stew in ocean near land will cause some of them to spawn in land. [Beta Shipwrecked] Some Rainbow Jellyfish get stuck in tight corners of island. [Beta Shipwrecked] Birds don't spawn anymore after Dry Season on land and at sea. [Normal & Beta Shipwrecked] Packim Baggims doesn't sleep. Not sure on normal Shipwrecked because I only found him in beta version. [Beta Shipwrecked]
  5. I agree with this. You need to walk a bit far before Chester starts to follow you. I wish to make the range a little closer. Awesome mod BTW.
  6. Wow, I'm impressed with your ideas. What a great addition to the game. I personally love the Bee Sting Bat and Ice Pack.