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  1. I set the spawn rate for all Giants to "None" but they all spawned in the first year anyway.
  2. I assumed that setting any giant to "never" would mean it doesn't spawn but for some reason Bearger spawned anyway! I wrote everything correctly and the rest of the worldgenoverride works fine as far as I can tell. What's going on?
  3. Jumping the "Unhappy with Willow's changes for DST" wagon.
  4. Wigfrid pose practice. She seems kinda neglected by the fandom in terms of fanart.
  5. My Abi and Wendy have a crush on Wilson. They don't seem to mind sharing him either... Grue!Lucy because why not?
  6. Oh, look! I remembered that I wanted to draw everyone in Grue form.
  7. Thanks! She's a ton of fun to draw, too. Woops! I think she just died. Again. >D
  8. Welcome to my little Don't Starve world! Don't ever leave! Muahaha!
  9. Steam powered Abigail is an excellent heat source in winter. And, boy, does it bug her! xD
  10. This is how I imagine DST to be... Yes, the silly squatting is essential to the disguise! Aaand, Auto-Abigal in my own style. Kind of. Clothes are definitely better than the silly wood skirt.
  11. I have no idea where the gradient comes from but eh, whatever! Have a a robot Abigal!
  12. Hmmm, okay. The fact that people tried and failed before kinda took the wind out of my sails a bit but my offer still stands. If you need sprites or anything let me know. Maybe we can do better than those who came before us. *insert epic quest prologue fanfare*
  13. Aye, when I find the time. For now I only drew the characters I like. And Maxwell. My next candidates would be WX, Woodie and Lucy (yes, Lucy might get her own Grue form).
  14. Aww, too bad. Thanks for pointing it out, though.