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  1. Yes, some of his advices are decent but they are aimed for "eXpErTs". Some of them are complete ******** though. He is extremely toxic. He tells "I don't struggle with any giants" and dies multiple times to diffrent bosses himself. I actually saw him fight with maxwell with no armor and axe as a weapon. He thinks his way of playing is the best way of playing. He claims he is an "eXpErT" and yet blames people for choosing diffrent characters than his "s-tier" characters when he dies. This is not a MOBA game mate, calm down. He is also extremely toxic in the comments, don't even read them. He litterally told another youtuber to kill himself because apperantly he didn't like his videos. (https://www.reddit.com/r/dontstarve/comments/5pl9iv/edgy_rick_telling_someone_to_kill_themselves_isnt/) What is wrong with this guy? Is he doing this on purpose or something?
  2. Whenever I try to create a RoG world with SW or Hamlet compatibility it just reverts back to original DS during creation. I also noticed that my changes on the world does not apply even though I press apply. They just revert back to default. Is this happening to anyone else? Edit- Actually this is not exclusive to RoG. The entire world generation is broken (At least for me). I cannot create save files with any dlc if using compatibility. Also I'm fairly new to this forum so I'm sorry if I'm doing anything wrong with posting this here.