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  1. It worked! Thank you very much! now I can focus on the rest and maybe try to implement the right icons and stuff. I really appreciate your help!
  2. Hello! I'm new to this modding thing and wanted to try to port the pirate hat from shipwrecked into dst. Because it's the first time that I mod something I tried to keep it as simple as possible. So my idea was to download a simple hat mod (this one ) and change only the appeareance at first. I looked with notepad++ inside the files and tried to change all appeareance related lines to the pirate hat (which I found in the DLC2 files from don't starve). At least I made it to not crash the game anymore but the hat is invisible as I wear it. I took some screenshots for you and wanted to ask if i'm totaly on the wrong road? And what could I do to make it work? Also I uploaded the pirate from Don't Starve: Shipwrecked (I'm not even sure if it is the right file to use for this) and the changed hat_wizard.lua. Thank you for your attention! hat_wizard.lua
  3. Hello! I hope this is the right section for this issue. Every time I click Host Game or Mods in the mainmenu the game crash. I attached a screenshot of the error message. I already tried to reinstall the whole game and every driver is updated. All mods are deactivated. Strange thing is, that I can play the gorge without any problems.