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  1. Rockets hare severe problems with automation. tendency to land straight after take-of etc if automation is flickered. Can result in 30 cycle trips taking no more then the time the rocket takes to leave the map and landing. Individual rockets are unable to retain their individual targets. Rockets will launch to targets previously selected for another rocket. Atmo suits are able to melt away while in the internal storage of the cockpit, This is also true while the rocket is on mission, and it will trigger the "not ready to launch" signal, while the rocket is still on a mission. - This can also lead to forcing the rocket to land mid mission, but returning with full cargo. Rockets sometimes return half, with cargo bays missing and engine, but research modules and cockpit intact. Rockets will sometimes give the ready signal, and the rocket will stand as ready to launch in the starmap, even though tanks are entirely empty. I don't know is this is a bug but gantries take damage from meteors, even when retracted. - and meteors can hit gantries outer part while retracted also. Pipedream Asteroid.sav
  2. 1. Rockets forget what dupe they have internally if the game is reloaded while a dupe is sitting in the rocket. - Still registers there to be a dupe in the rocket after reload, but which one it has forgotten. also game crashes if cockpit is destroyed with the buggy dupe. Game also crashes if rocket is send out with it's buggy inhabitant. 2. Oxygen tank has no priority settings, making oxylite delivery not possible. Input field is bugged, can only type up to 999, slider goes to 2700. 3. All liquid tanks drop inventory on inspection, if inspected after reload and tanks have a custom set limit. Dropping of content stops first when new custom setting for fuel/lox is set.
  3. Nice change, only need planets that have the materials in the first place. Changing the recipes while having none of the special ingredients available in the first place seems a bit redundant to me.
  4. The game crashes if you find shove moles. "Mole.KPrefabID.OnSpawn" output log says. Safe file crashes within 5 seconds of loading. The Darkest Dystopia.sav
  5. Take a look at this: Might give you some "better" alternative to sun-power
  6. I don't think you see the whole picture here. We, as alpha/beta / pre-release / early access "testers" are doing Klei a bigger favor then they do us. We MASS test the game on a multitude of setups most likely unavailable to Klei. We come with feedback from a player perspective, not just a tester perspective or programmers perspective. We pay them, in advance, for a game that is not even fully done. So while sure, Klei has to put up with a lot of "stuff", since so many different players also introduce that many different voices, If you watch the big picture you would understand that we as the players actually do Klei the bigger favor, and not the other way around. That all said, i still enjoy playing this game, even in it's not finished form, and i'm glad if me paying for it earlier and contributing critique results in the game coming out faster, and maybe even results in a better end-product.
  7. #1 Fan-boy comment. Critique is always a positive thing, unless worded in the likes of "this is garbage" and "I don't like this". Being able to point out what is not good or is not working to someones satisfaction is a good tool for the developers. Or would you think you would fare well in this world if everyone only said positive things to you, even if you made blunders? - I honestly doubt that.
  8. This seems to become a thing with patches as of late... patch #1 fix 2 bugs, introduce another bug. patch #2 fix said bug and other bugs while introducing new bugs. patch #3 comes around and re-introduces bug from patch #1 while fixing bugs from patch 2... This is starting to look like a never ending loop where bugs fixed are just bugs that have been re-introduced, just to be re-introduced and re-fixed? at a later time...
  9. So you could submerge a aquatuner in petrol, drop sulfur in the petrol, and once it goes liquid it will rise to the surface and reach vacuum tiles. Maybe? Liquids moving about in other liquids is still a so-so endeavor.
  10. One could always boil of the sulfur into space, if there is no current need for it, and gain even more cooling. I wonder what weight sulfur has in liquid form compared to other liquids. Or you could put the aquatuner directly into a sulfur bath and just drop sulfur into the bath. Overflow evaporates into vacuum. Egg-dropper "re-purposed" for sulfur.
  11. seems a bug has wandered in with this patch. My bedrooms at least only show up as barracks. even with just a single bed it's still a barracks. 4 tiles high and plastered with decor.
  12. Gotta say thou, 960w for just the jukebox does seem a bit excessive Sure 240 might've been a bit low, but 4x increase seems a bit much still.
  13. And as soon as you have figured how how to setup just 1 steam turbine, you will have enough power for nearly 2 rooms.
  14. This hotfix has fixed my thermal issues for sure... My coolers are actually cooling now, great job !
  15. I've had PO2 go from 30c to 30000000000000000c, resulting in abysalite pipes and everything to blow up, go into lava, and then game crashes.
  16. And the fact you only have to pour it straight onto a volcano, nothing more, to get all that gas... suure, you would have to cool the gas, but with the amount of gas you get you could run 20 aquatuners and still have left over gas.. Only reason i ever bothered with the ngg loop was because it was EASY, simple and predictable, but really it was just lame...
  17. Sad change, i kinda found it funny and somewhat fitting with the theme of the game.
  18. Still have invisible dupes - and now also invisible hatchlings. The Lunar Dwelling.sav Fish also don't seem to eat from fish feeders. They did before this very patch. - dropping algae straight into the water had the fish eat the algae. - atleast if they can't reach the upper part. - They used to eat from the lower part of the feeder, where the "spoon" is.
  19. My Sage Hatchling turned into a smooth hatch when it grew up. Is this intended ?
  20. Log file ? - That's new for me. I found 1 invisible on load up, rest visible. I reloaded the game, so far no one is invisible. They have become invisible once again.
  21. This patch has introduced invisible dupes on my end. And the invisibility spread like a disease. It started with one dupe, shortly after more became invisible and now every dupe has gone 100% transparent.