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  1. I might be missing something but don't names only appear when you hover over the pig/bunny?
  2. Merms don't have names but Bunnymen and Pigs do, it would be nice if they did.
  3. When using "AddComponentAction" it would be nice to be able to pass modifiers like shift, ctrl, alt, we can use right click which is nice but it isn't enough! Also being able to override any existing action would be nice too.
  4. I changed it in one of my mods to use Cut Stone instead of Boards for the recipe.
  5. This is the current dialog for any character : MERM_TALK_FOLLOWWILSON = {{"Will come with you.", "Flort glut."}, {"Make Mermfolk strong!", "Blut gloppy Glurtsu!"}, {"You help Mermfolk!", "Glut Glurtsu flopt!"}, {"You okay.", "Florpy flort."}}, Would be cool if there was special dialog when they are following Wurt!
  6. Can't Pick anything like Flowers, Grass, etc. Can pickup items like poop on the ground. server_log.txt
  7. Setting "Sanity Monsters" to "None" causes a server crash. If i stand still and just let my sanity slower drain, then when it reaches around the half way point when playing as Willow, the game crashes, presumably because that's where the game would normally try to spawn in shadow creatures. Playing on "Endless" btw. Attachment is server log server_log.txt
  8. Other companies have been using AI to upres old games, this could be a good way for Don't Starve Together to increase texture resolution with minimal effort.
  9. Stackable blueprints, adverts, and statue sketches. Abigail shouldn't attack neutral creatures unless Wendy does first, when riled up. When shift-clicking items to move them, if you have the backpack open and a container the item should go to the container and not the backpack. When you click to place something and you fail to place it, the item should remain on your cursor instead of going into your inventory. Considering the Beta now adds a ton of new settings in world gen this is the perfect time to add sliders to those options, something i suggested a tiny while ago. Or even a group option that overrides all other options in that category, just to cut down on repetitive clicking. Shift-clicking on a Bird Cage with a stack of items will consume the whole stack so you don't have to give the Bird 1 item at a time.
  10. Some way to suppress this line in modindex.lua at line 392 print( "Overriding mod " .. actual_modname .. "'s option " .. option .. " with value " .. tostring(override) ) If your mod has alot of config options the logs will get spammed. or just make it print how many options were overridden. something like this : actual_modname .. " : Overrode " .. numoptions .. " of " .. total_numoptions .. " options." Dunno if this is currently possible but some way to get the default config value of a config option. We have "GetModConfigData", having a "GetModConfigDataAll" to get the entire thing with name, label, hover, options and ofcourse default, would be nice.
  11. On second thought they should petrify but instead of into normal stone they should petrify into moon rock
  12. Very pleased to see my suggestion getting added so damn quickly! Here's some stuff that would be nice to be exposed a bit easierly: pigbrain.lua has a whole bunch of local variables that could be moved to the tuning file, probably like for example : TUNING.PIG.MIN_FOLLOW_DIST mermbrain.lua has alot of similar local variables Actually looking at the various brain files, alot of them have local variables so maybe having a special tuningbrains.lua would be better, then accessed something like: TUNING.BRAINS.PIG.MIN_FOLLOW_DIST Adding a "AddPlayerOnSave" & "AddPlayerOnLoad" to add custom data to the player on save/load so we don't have to override the player's onsave/onload method in "AddPlayerPostInit" to add custom data. "AddComponentAction" doesn't allow multiple entries from the same mod to the same component action doing this twice will cause the first entry to get overridden by the last, allowing only 1 entry to be added per mod for each component action. AddComponentAction("USEITEM", "fuel", function (inst, doer, target, actions) Say i want to add many different actions that can be toggled on/off in the mod config menu, this forces me to put them all in the same method call. Which makes the code slightly harder to manage when you keep adding more toggleable features. Updating to Lua 5.4 would be nice too.
  13. Incorporating these mods into the base game would be nice : Trap Reset Just makes it more pleasant to interact with traps and not having to drag the trap from your inventory to the same place you just picked it up from. No Mods Warning When making mods, the game will crash alot as you're trying to make your mod, having this mod warning is annoying, atleast have an option in the menus to permanently disable it. Minimap HUD Sticky Recipe Geometric Placement Makes building nice bases easier. Sanity Volume Limiter The sanity sounds get old when you're insane for longer periods of time. [TMIP]Too Many Items Plus Basically the creative menu in minecraft, useful when debugging mods and when building for fun. Overlays Disabler Realistic Placement Most structures don't allow for tighter placement, being able to place them closer allows for neater base designs.
  14. Allow changing stuff like Hounds/Worms attacks and smoldering post world gen.