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  1. Algae could start growing in any pool of water that isn't sterile or doesn't have a sterile atmosphere above it and has a light source, it would consume C02 as it grows like algae irl. This wouldn't be solid algae and instead would be living growing algae represented by a green goo on the water's surface. Fish could eat the algae as it grows.
  2. An Overlay specific for pressure, could be a sub-option in the oxygen overlay or in materials, useful when you want to know if the same or different gasses are at wildly different pressures, which is important if your dups have access to either area. Traffic overlay like the heat overlay to show where dups go the most, hot areas with alot of traffic would be red and areas with no traffic would be gray/black.
  3. A Small 1 tile high ladder that works like a portable ladder that duplicates can move around freely to get that 1 extra tile up. Like in this picture:
  4. Would be nice if the Pitcher Pump could be rotated left or right like the Bottle Emptier, generally speaking would be nice that all buildings could be rotated. The Bottle Emptier has its Auto-Bottler option but if you want to empty bottles from one pool of water into your main pool and not disable the pitcher in your main pool you're outta luck, would be nice to be able to disallow a pitcher from being used in Auto-Bottling.
  5. Stuff like Building Definitions and Creature Diets could be moved out into their own files, like an xml or json file, right now they are compiled and need compiling to be modified which drastically reduces the easiness of modding. If we look at the Apothecary's definition file: public override BuildingDef CreateBuildingDef() { string id = "Apothecary"; int width = 2; int height = 3; string anim = "apothecary_kanim"; int hitpoints = 30; float construction_time = 120f; float[] tier = BUILDINGS.CONSTRUCTION_MASS_KG.TIER4; string[] all_METALS = MATERIALS.ALL_METALS; float melting_point = 800f; BuildLocationRule build_location_rule = BuildLocationRule.OnFloor; EffectorValues none = NOISE_POLLUTION.NONE; BuildingDef buildingDef = BuildingTemplates.CreateBuildingDef(id, width, height, anim, hitpoints, construction_time, tier, all_METALS, melting_point, build_location_rule, BUILDINGS.DECOR.NONE, none, 0.2f); buildingDef.RequiresPowerInput = true; buildingDef.EnergyConsumptionWhenActive = 240f; buildingDef.ExhaustKilowattsWhenActive = 0.25f; buildingDef.SelfHeatKilowattsWhenActive = 0.5f; buildingDef.ViewMode = OverlayModes.Power.ID; buildingDef.AudioCategory = "Glass"; buildingDef.AudioSize = "large"; return buildingDef; } We see all these values that could be placed into a xml file and be easily modable. Putting stuff like this into an external file would make modding significantly easier and would also mean that when the developers are working on the game they don't have to recompile it everytime they make a change to the object definition.
  6. Bit disappointed when i found out i couldn't deconstruct the plastic ladders in the ruins to get plastic
  7. Maybe a sort of trading ship that comes by ever so often, which you can trade resources with and maybe even send duplicants out on missions.
  8. Dunno if this should be considered a bug but sorting settings like below where when a setting is set then when you reopen it the setting isn't updated and whoever was at the top of the list is still at the top even when the sorting settings shouldn't put them there. Clicking the sorting filter again will correctly apply the setting but it would be nicer if it would update when the panel is opened.
  9. Cool i was thinking of picking up Oxygen Not Included
  10. Dunno what a relic plate is but i'd like just a generic pot like in minecraft where you can put any small plant into
  11. I think this could be an issue with the game not having enough memory, probably because it's 32bit.
  12. What about just adding Infused Moon Shards into the Crown's sockets to induce different levels of enlightenment?
  13. Wouldn't this cause you to auto-target buildings when you want to pickup stuff but have those weapons equipped?