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  1. Methods for Herding Animals?

    no eyed deers despawn if there is no player build structures nearby (e.g alchemy engine) there is a limited range for this so the pen must be nearby the main base. volt goats follow an extrange placement, have you noticed that if you try to pursuit one of them, the goat will eventually return to the same spot? so if you teleport a goat it will try to return to the place it was teleported from, so the way to move a herd or a single goat is to actually move it just a bit then wait until the goat animation changes from the being followed animation to the eating from the ground animation. If you go to Helicalpuma's youtube channel there is a very good guide for every animal pen.
  2. you can also join the discord server, let me see if i find it and edit the post for it, there is a lot of coders and ppl that could help you or point you in the rigth direction, there is also written info there
  3. Methods for Herding Animals?

    Volt goats spawns on one of the 2 possible desert biomes, you need to look at youtube how to move No Eyed Deer and Volt Goats as they got a trick to do it, if you don't do it propperly they does't reproduce (Goats) or simply despawn (Deer)
  4. well if im interested on getting skins i could just play a bit on any hour i get free, but yes i lost 2 months once cuz traveling with no PC to play
  5. what you mean? i can see the image very well...
  6. yes indeed its a bit more than 1 screen but as i plant at least 40 of each resource and enclosed on fences to set geekos and turkey(XD) farm.
  7. thats not true, last week was my best week ever i got wickerbottom's shadow gown and then another elegant skin and 2 commons. sometimes you get lucky sometimes you need some weeks to get something good
  8. Check your PM, i want to help as an editor my self i am open to learn and earn the trust to be usefull, i've written down a lot of pages that are fine for vanilla and RoG/Sw but are wrong for DST
  9. playing as wickerbottom all my resources are next to each other so i can use the book and regrow everything planification its the key, just remember the interaction so you dont have any problem, by interaction i mean for example setting an animal pen next to a houndious shootious as you would probbably lose your pen. Search on youtube mega bases tours to see what ppl do, and i also recommend Helicalpuma's YT channel as he gives very usefull tips for mega bases such as moving animals setting farms and stuff.
  10. Oh nice, so i will contact the gamepedia DST page admins.
  11. There are a lot of pages that do have the buttons and a lot of other pages that doesnt and as you can see the Wikia wiki and the gamepedia one has the same info http://dontstarve.wikia.com/wiki/Houndius_Shootius https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/Houndius_Shootius
  12. First a short history about my concern on the actual wiki: So the Ds and Dst merge into the same wiki it's fine for me as both games are very similar, but in the wiki the content for DST its little, what i mean is that its either outdated or wrong, and in most cases there is not even a mention for the DST changes other than the A New Reign (ANR) page (https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/A_New_Reign where you should read everything to understand just a tiny part of the whole game.) That's why some of the most active forum members could've read/see my post on this 4 months asking things about the outdated info on the DST wiki. Here is a little example: * If you check this link https://dontstarve.gamepedia.com/Houndius_Shootius, you will learn about this structure but if you read carefully you will find out that the info only apply to DS and DS RoG as in the DST the items is crafting process its different. What i mean is this, check this quote on the wiki page Due to the fact that the Ancient Guardian does not respawn, only 3 Houndius Shootius can be crafted without going through a Teleportato On DST there is no Teleportato on woodthings and there is only one Ancient Guardian that could be respawned indefinitely with the Ancient Gateway. I do offer my self as a helper to change the articles and pages on the wiki to clarify the contents diferences between DS/Rog and DST, as i have been taking notes of most of the pages that were confusing to me and that are still wrong about the DST information. If someone here knows about how to help on the wiki (would be my first time helping or editing a wiki) just point me on the rigth direction. PS: I do have some knowledge on html and css
  13. oh ok thanks, so by this things like Monkey Pods, Broken Clock stations, psudoscience station all that stuff renew?
  14. Bundling Wrap

    The trick is to camp long on caves/ruins and you dont have any food for the bird, or you want to make a long trip over 6 days so the bird would starve, you just unwrap the bird use it on the cage and wrap again, i dont know if i explained well
  15. Hello, this post it's to clarify what does regen and what does NOT regen when you success at unlocking the ancient gateway and killing the Ancient Fuelweaver. What resources do respawn? What buildings? Anything you want to add feel free to do so!