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  1. Starting a ROG-Game, while making it SW compatible, results in Vanilla-World. Tried it out several times using console map reveal after spawning. Results are the same. The seasons are also Vanilla, so there only is mild and Winter. However I was able to spawn in both ROG and SW prefabs and stuff like the poison mechanic seems to be OK. Guess it only is the World Gen and World thats a problem. PS: Problem still occurs even after both deinstalling Hamlet, or even deinstalling the whole game and reinstalling without Hamlet.
  2. Hey man, i like a lot of your mods but have to say use none. The reason is simply, though the ideas and mechanichs are mostly awesome, the structures' images aren't. I mean the mud hut for example looks great, i guess. But the style (i mean the actuall drawing style, like how the edges are smoothed and stuff like that) just still doesn't fit in too well with the general game so i believe all your mods would greatly benefit if it was somehow possible for you to find someone (or maybe do it yourself, i dont know about your abilities) to work on the visual aspects of your mods. If for example all your extra structures would come in as one mod (now visually reworked) that is something i`d certainly download and suggest all my friends, cuz then it would be like a little DLC expansion of the game. But being reminded of its unnaturality everytime i look at it just sucks for a content. Reading it now it might sound pissy, but i actually meant to say how much i like your ideas and huge effort.
  3. This is exactly the art of modding. Not just mindlessly adding unbalanced weirdass characters or items or abilities. Just tuning the game to be more "real". Great work. (But it might need to be updated though, i also had crashes with it (no other mod used))
  4. Hm, i was looking for any kind of thanks button or anything that`d reward you. Just wanted to say thank you it`s a superb mod