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  1. Yea so the game isn't really playable then in window mode on a monitor with a native resolution of 5120x2662. It's too choppy on anything over 2560x1440 and too small to see what you're doing on anything less than 4354x2106. :/ PLEASE change how windowed resolution works.
  2. I forgot to add, the water is being pulled from a reservoir, and the waste is being dumped into a separate reservoir.
  3. The lavatories (and possibly other water fueled things) suddenly stop taking in water, even though they are properly supplied. They have worked up until this point and nothing has changed with their pipes, but the pipe right at the intake says "Empty Pipe". I have tried deconstructing and rebuilding all the components around the lavatory, nothing helps. The first two images show the system (except for top left lavatory, which has already mysteriously stopped) working, and the pipe layout (which I know is messy). The second two images show the bottom right lavatory has stopped filling with water, despite the pipe layout not changing whatsoever. At least three dupes have used each lavatory between the first and second set of images. Player.log No Sickness Cycle 5 Cycle 37.sav