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  1. Where you using the mod Don't Starve Alone? Enabling it on an old server causes the caves to regenerate
  2. Using the pause hotkey to pause a single player server can crash the game if in the middle of an action. I have gotten it to happen by simply walking, then mashing the hotkey (client log shows this happening right after entering through the portal for the first time), but it most commonly happens unintentionally while opening or closing a container if the game is paused too soon after. It can also happen when opening the crafting menu or entering a sinkhole. This bug occurs with or without mods, and with or without caves enabled. Edit: Tested with Texture Streaming and Threaded Render enabled and disabled, no change.
  3. The size of the text "The game is auto-paused" and "You have paused the game" that displays at the top of the screen doesn't scale with screen size, making it too big when the game is smaller than 1920x1080
  4. Shutting down and rejoining the server causes a variety of issues with the Terrarium while it's active, depending on different times of day. These were done on a solo world: After beginning the fight at night, quitting the server at the break of dawn canceled the Twins despawning, making it possible to fight and kill them during the day. This also caused them to never enter their second phase, and not drop the shield item. Without ever starting the fight previously, quitting and rejoining during daytime while the Terrarium was active (floating) caused it to start its beam animation. This did not spawn the Eye of Terror, even after waiting until night, and it could not be picked up or deactivated. Quitting during daytime in the same way, this time with the corrupted Terrarium, caused the Twins' fight to start in the morning and progress as normal. No idea why the same thing didn't happen with the regular Eye.
  5. I managed to do this during daytime as well. First time, the boss did not spawn even after waiting until night and the Terrarium could not be picked up or deactivated ever again (stuck in beam animation). Second time, the Eye of Terror appeared somehow already spawned, despite not being activated any previous night.
  6. I had this happen as well, seems to be intended
  7. Your computer might not be powerful enough to host a caves world. It's a high performance cost to add caves, because it has to run two servers at once, even with only one player.
  8. With the addition of auto-pause on the map, you can pause during a wormhole's black screen transition if you open the map just before it starts. Due to it being impossible to close the map during the transition, this forces a reset.
  9. While playing Reign of Giants, I found two bugs. When WX-78 examines a Fire Pit, his usual comments are replaced by Wilson's, shown by the screenshot I've uploaded. This doesn't occur with the Campfire or the two Endothermic fires. I'm assuming it has something to do with how, like when creating mod characters, that Wilson's text is the default. The other glitch I found occurs whenever a (from what I remember) spear, axe, luxury axe, pickaxe, or opulent pickaxe is used to the breaking point. Instead of the tool being destroyed, it stays in your hand at 0% until you move it into your inventory, which makes it disappear. While it's at 0%, trying to move the character only makes them say "I can't do that." rapidly until you stop trying to move around.. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to happen recently, but if it happens again I'll post a picture of it in the comments, if that's possible. I'm hoping these are already known and are planned to be fixed in the next update, but if they're not I at least hope I drew attention to them.