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  1. While playing Reign of Giants, I found two bugs. When WX-78 examines a Fire Pit, his usual comments are replaced by Wilson's, shown by the screenshot I've uploaded. This doesn't occur with the Campfire or the two Endothermic fires. I'm assuming it has something to do with how, like when creating mod characters, that Wilson's text is the default. The other glitch I found occurs whenever a (from what I remember) spear, axe, luxury axe, pickaxe, or opulent pickaxe is used to the breaking point. Instead of the tool being destroyed, it stays in your hand at 0% until you move it into your inventory, which makes it disappear. While it's at 0%, trying to move the character only makes them say "I can't do that." rapidly until you stop trying to move around.. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to get it to happen recently, but if it happens again I'll post a picture of it in the comments, if that's possible. I'm hoping these are already known and are planned to be fixed in the next update, but if they're not I at least hope I drew attention to them.
  2. I'm starting off with William / Maxwell's story, here, connecting him with the other characters. I'll get into the other ones in order of unlocking them. Sorry about the long wait for this, though. Please give feedback, and also, William Carter was a poor man, and had put himself in debt moving to America to find a job, after he was guilted into helping his brother after his wife died, leaving him with three children to take care of on his own: a teenager and two young twins. When William moved to the United States, he came across a library looking for knowledge of what jobs were open to apply for. When the rude librarian only hushed him and never answered, he wandered and came across a strange book with no title. After stealing the tome from the empty library, he hid away in the alley to read through it. He observed many strange instructions and sketches of shadowy creatures. After curiosity got the best of him, he tried out one of the spells. He reached into the tome and pulled out a shadowy ball, which unfolded into a strange, yet mystical, paper-thin shadow creature. He observed the monster walk around until it vanished into thin air. William became excited at how this could become his career. A magician, he had never thought to be like one, but decided it would be worth it to try. A poster of a travelling circus was posted on a building, and he took it. Grabbing his suitcase, he started off to where the circus tent was. William stood outside the tent of the circus, peeking through the curtains. He saw many strange and wonderful acts: a strongman, a magic mime, an actress, and even a lion tamer were scattered throughout the covered area. After watching the show, he came to the crew and asked if he would be a part of their act. After demonstrating many spells, he had the job, and was invited to stay the night while everyone practiced. His performance the next night was a huge success, and he was congratulated for his amazing work, except by one of the performers. The strongman, a former star of the circus, soon became only a side act compared to the magician. He angrily attacked William backstage, and told the others that something went wrong during the performance, injuring him after it was concluded. The mime, who had secretly seen him be beaten, sided with the strongman right away in fear of himself being hurt, using sign language to tell how he had seen William . William was hospitalized for months, and the strongman became the main act once again, but William had plans to take back his stardom. After he was released, he rented an apartment where he practiced even stronger and bigger spells, summoning multiple monsters at a time, turning people into animals, and creating shadow mimics of himself. He was no longer just a magician, but instead The Amazing Maxwell. He hired a lady assistant named Charlie, who soon began to fall in love with Maxwell, his hope was rising and rising with how popular he’d become… however, Maxwell’s dangerous spells began to affect his health. Maxwell became weaker, thinner, and he started hallucinating, but in spite of the danger, he kept going on. With Maxwell’s dangerous condition, his magic became fragile. Volunteer’s animal spells wouldn’t come undone, shadow monsters roared at the audience, The Amazing Maxwell became a failure. Maxwell sat alone in his apartment. The wonderful sample of fame and power had him wanting more. He decided he would have one huge show, either as his second rise to fame, or his final act. That early morning, Charlie talked to him backstage. She was worried about Maxwell, and she tried to convince him to perform, but Maxwell refused to quit. Their act began well, as Maxwell greeted the crowd. “Thank you, thank you. You are too kind!” He demonstrated a bit of shadow magic, holding down the searing pain in his hand when doing it, and motioned for Charlie to hold out the tome. While she was showing the tome to the audience, trying to keep her nerves calm, Maxwell explained: “I will now pull the shadow incarnate from the tome…” As the Magician reached his hand into the book, something bit at his hand. Maxwell fought against it, and pulling his hand out, collapsed onto the stage floor. As Charlie kneeled down, coddling her lover, a tall, long figure appeared over the two. As soon as it disappeared, shadow hands burst from the floor, curving down to slam into the earth, and taking the two performers down into the ground with them, at 5:13 A.M. This is what we called the Great San Francisco Earthquake of 1906.
  3. MY GOD, my computer crashed and got rid of the entire story i've written so far. Sorry, but it will take even longer to post this backstory. Also, i'm using part of what Klei has released as the backstory of Maxwell. MY GOD, my computer crashed and got rid of the entire story i've written so far. Sorry, but it will take even longer to post this backstory. Also, i'm using part of what Klei has released as the backstory of Maxwell.
  4. I'm going to post my theories of how each Don't Starve character ended up in the mysterious world of the game. Feel free to write your own, too, and feedback is always nice.