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  1. What,,,what does this mean? I'm confused Thank you!!! I'm actually really happy with the Willowson one too!
  2. It's been awhile since I've draw this gal
  3. Headcannon accepted! (It's actually the ASL for I love you )
  4. Ah, those are the "sideburn" pieces (I hadn't trimmed them down yet in this picture) I'm still experimenting with then but they look better when the wig is actually being worn (as they are actually attached to the face)
  5. Wow, I actually drew more digital art (plus a comparison to my old art)
  6. Look upon my terrible pose drawing skills!
  7. New profile pic for @Nimra because I'm tired of looking at the sucky old one I drew
  8. He's enjoying some quality hot chocolate
  9. I'm so happy the rose skins are available
  10. The mime likes to cook and no-one can convince me otherwise
  11. Practising drawing full body characters...
  12. Exams are killing me and they're only mocks
  13. This is a petition to give Wes a pierrot skin