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  1. Ok so I tested the mod with other players and the companion isn't apparently the only issue. As the host I can see and interact with the item called "The Statue" and with Bill but other player joining with the mod enable can not see or interact with those two elements apparently. They can build the statue but it is invisble to them. I still don't know if bill is desummoned but I don't think so as when i join again bill is not linked to me and I can attack him like anyother creature here is the current version of the mod I'm working with (don't pay attention to all the visual aspects, I will work on the artwork once I'm done with the code) TEST
  2. Oh I see the idea you're going for. I tried to insert such feature using another mod (kyle the symbiont) but it still doesn't works here are the files again, bill_cipher is the follower, woom is the character and there's the modmain as well Thanks for helping me on this modmain.lua woom.lua bill_cipher.lua
  3. Hi everyone, I'm currently working on a character mod where the main feature is to be able to summon a companion The main issue I have left is that the following: the companion follow the player when summoned, but if you leave the server and then join it again, the companion doesn't follow the player anymore and simply wanders. I mostly used the code of abigail and it is possible I missed some major coding elements as I'm new to modding. here is the file in case anyone can help me out with this bill_cipher.lua