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  1. Adding new recipe will replace the oldest one? what a mess! Thank you DarkXero for correct it
  2. Try to use AddRecipe instead "local icestaff_recipe = Recipe" and add the tag "iceking" in it... Anyways magic_tab could doesn't appear if the Ice King doesn't has sufficient tech level, maybe you could change it in RECIPETABS.WAR or an own TAB for work well.
  3. First, add a tag for identify the Ice King in his prefab .lua (inside common_postinit), for example: inst:AddTag("iceking")Then, add a new recipe on his modmain.lua and change the TECH.MAGIC_TWO required for another lesser (like TECH.NONE), using the tag for exclude the other characters can use this recipe: AddRecipe("icestaff", {GLOBAL.Ingredient("spear", 1), GLOBAL.Ingredient("bluegem", 1)}, GLOBAL.RECIPETABS.MAGIC, GLOBAL.TECH.NONE, "iceking")It's more reasonable than allows him access to whole magic's recipes, but this will make the ice king can craft two icestaff, because have 2 recipes for the same, with different TECH required...
  4. May I had to put in the title "injuries and annoyances", because the runspeed and damage decreased aren't physical injuries at all, although they are related... Anyway inst.components.temperature.hurtrate = 1.3 increase the damage of coldness, right? but.. thats affects fire damage too? I hope no, I saw too many others mods with temperarture.hurtrate = 0 to be immunity to cold in winter, so I inverted it, for adding more damage. The winters in this game are complicated but with this character will be hardest as hell Your help is very usefull, I'll not forget you in the credits of this mod ^^
  5. Thanks you so much @DarkXero, this code works perfectly I've done what you told me (adding the function stopallergy also) and changed the runspeed's value (same as walkspeed's value), I thought walkspeed means the move speed of character, and runspeed is only when he's moving on a road... I don't know the difference for now... Besides I want to explain my intention decreasing damagemultiplier it's makes my character deal less damage because he's feeling very sick when its cold, so that's correct, maybe 0.5 it's so hard and I'll increase it a bit Finally I deleted "inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst.prefab, "ANNOUNCE_COLD2"))" because it overlaps with "ANNOUNCE_COLD" One step closer to finish the mod
  6. Hi Mod makers and Developers! I'm trying to do a mod character that has more injuries while he's freezing, but i'm not the best programer and later looking for too much code in other mods and games files... I'm in deadlock... Some one can tell me what's wrong in this code? local function allergic(inst)inst.components.talker:Say(GetString(inst.prefab, "ANNOUNCE_COLD2"))inst.components.locomotor.walkspeed = (TUNING.WILSON_WALK_SPEED * 0.5)inst.components.locomotor.runspeed = (TUNING.WILSON_RUN_SPEED * 1)inst.components.combat.damagemultiplier = 0.5inst.components.temperature.hurtrate = 1.3endinst:ListenForEvent( "startfreezing", function() allergic(inst) end , GetWorld())I already tried to change the listened event fboy other like "isWinter", "self.temp <= 0", "coldness" ... but still not working I really appreciate any kind help