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  1. Hey guys the last part of my playthrough of Reign of Giants is on my channel now! Any feedback, tips, likes, comments, subsribes are greatly appreciated!
  2. Check out episode 9 of my playthrough it's a good one and well worth the watch! Feedback is also greatly appreciated!
  3. Thanks ImDaMisterL! Every single subscribe means a lot to us! If you want to help us even more, sharing our channel on facebook or with friends or following us on social media is a massive help and helps you to stay in contact with our future vids! <3
  4. Thanks to everyone who watched this episode! Just to let you buddies know, episode 8 is out now! Check it here!
  5. Hello again buds! Just letting you all know episode 8 of my Don't Starve Series is out now! If you liked the last video you sure as hell will like this!
  6. Hey buds! Check out my Don't Starve series, any kind of feedback, comments, likes and subscribes are really helpful and appreciated!
  7. Part 7 of my Don't Starve: Reign of Giants series is here! Please can you buds check it out, comment, like subscribe, give me feedback tell me i'm an idiot or whatever you want to do! Any help i can get is really appreciated, especially shares and spreading our videos around! Thanks Guys
  8. What do you guys think to my video? Also if you like it please comment, like the video or subscribe it really helps us out!
  9. Im in part 6 of my lets play RoG edition. Jesus Kleist!
  10. I made a weird short about wilson and chester, chekc it out here!
  11. Hey buds! Just asking you all if you would check out my Don't Starve series on my channel I plan on uploading a lot of Don't Starve content along with some funny shorts! Any feedback on the videos, what I should/shouldn't do is greatly appreciated! Subscribers will get a personal pat on the back from me! *Pat on the back may not be physical or applicable Thank you! Killzgrandad - TKONgrandad