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  1. Anthro Chester

    A new version of Crispery. Now less boobs '~'
  2. Anthro Chester

    Cute little one, doesn't he? I also added a nose ( I think he is adorable with it ^^) and these tiny teeth sticking out his mouse :>
  3. Anthro Chester

    Gosh, I done it!Well I choosed name for her. So, meet Crispery! (crisper+y )Actually, I'm not satisfied that work. I don't know why! Maybe it's because of that damn teeth...
  4. Anthro Chester

    This is Chester's anthro gender switch It sounds weird, I know. By the way, I don't know to call her. Maybe you have suggestions?
  5. Anthro Chester

    Sounds interesting) I will try.
  6. Anthro Chester

    Oh, Gosh. You make me blush ^^'
  7. Anthro Chester

    I think he will be more resistable then become anthropomorphic. I mean he will fight then he understand what his arms and horns can do.
  8. Anthro Chester

    I'll take that as a compliment. Thanks.
  9. Anthro Chester

    I think now he is not comfortable to be with his stiсking tongue all the time. *Oh GOSH. He looks very funny Thanks
  10. Anthro Chester

    Да, недавно решила скинуть сюда кое что. Wilson, oh thet handsome Devil don't want to be painted ( damn English!). Probably he is too cool for my painting sklill :I
  11. Some dull words about how I draw my antroChester...
  12. Sample Mods

    Hey, where is samplecharacter_preview.zip?