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  1. This happened today after I had died from picking up a telltale heart. I went back to the portal to resurect, once i proceeded to haunt the portal is when I got the Lua stack error.
  2. great job, I love the ear rings I have some I made like them at home Keep up the great work and love your tutorial on forums... <3
  3. great art pieces, keep up the fantastic work. I really love the charcoal. Charcoal has always been one of my favorites to use.
  4. Once I read that comment I tried but maybe it is because I am a new member but I do not have an edit option. I don't know why as I have used forums for many years. I am trying to to find the edit. I will look over my browser and the apps I have just in case it is my browser and such. Pasted below is a print screen of my browser page (e.g Google Chrome)
  5. buhaha! I so wanted one of those. they were out of it in my size at Hot topic. If you discover yours missing I have no clue what happens *walks off whistling, innocently *
  6. Aww thanks! yea technically I am still in the South but it just isn't home. you know? thanks for the welcome. and no worries I already turned to the dark side they had cookies Thanks for the very warm welcome, and don'rt worry I'm not easily offended or butthurt. I found all posts rather amazing/funny I am sorry for the pink It was late and I thought it was a different color I choose. So, Sorry for the eye strain buhahhaah scratch and sniff? mmmm cherry blossoms... jus' sayin
  7. Hi There! I go by Kat mostly. I currently reside in Southeast Texas near the coast, about 50 miles from Houston,Texas. I was born and raised in Baton Rouge Louisiana and so dearly miss my culture,cuisine and family. I am very new to Don't Starve Together but i am sure I will learn quickly. I'm a more hands on type. For 25 years I have been an avid gaming enthusiast. From PCs to Consoles galore, My very first game was pitfall on Atari back in the early 90s and once the internet was born I started online gaming mostly with RPGMMOs, some of these were called MUDS. My fave game I started was playing back then was one of the first 3 games to ever go online called T4C a.k.a The Forth Coming. It is in fact still operational today but now it is free to play. Don't get me wrong, I never left consoles behind. In fact I have collected them and the presently sit in a a/c controlled storage facility in there original boxes and packaging. I really enjoy sandbox games lately and have grown to enjoy building. I find having an endless possibility to construct anything really gets my brain going, among other things I enjoy photography as well as art, jewelry making and nail art. Currently I am at home on bed rest awaiting my 2nd back surgery so my mobility is limited until further notice which of course gives me more time to game and that keeps me sane... for now.. Toodles.~