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  1. I fixed it myself.


    Now working on a new problem that i will also fix on my own.


    thanks any way but please ignore the above post as it is now fixed.


    (( dont know how to edit the first post or have it removed))


    I am a new modder myself, I have found a pretty useful way of troubleshooting, run a search from your start tab:



    open the file, you should see a .txt file in there called log 


    it's a textfile from the autocomplier. It will tell you why there was an error, what line in the .lua file the error occurred, and why it failed. 


    The next step in my general troublehooting is to take a look at my files and make sure all of my files are in their right folders.


    and finally I run the scml in Spriter. 


    Using those steps at least allows me to pin point my problem, so I can get a faster answer on the forums. 


    Of course part of this process is failing a few times, So new modders like us learn what not to do.  :wilson_ecstatic:

  2. RedRock, to me when I downloadedarrow-10x10.png the new file, it was not the way it should be, I'm going ot give the thing I fixed a quick test and then if it works I will upload it and I want you to take a look at yours and the fixed one so you can tell what I changed.


    EDIT: it works, let me upload it

    I must of found it the same time you did! I don't even know how that happend! lol. getting back to it, i'll post the final pic once completed. 


    If anyone wants to know, this is for a charecter mod I am working on "FlapJack and Knuckles" They are finished mostly, I'm just making a few items for them, and then I plan on making K'nuckles a standalone toon, as well as a mobile container/minion for Flapjack. As soon as I get a good Alpha together, I'll post in the forums. Thank you bigpak and Corrosive. And of course Malacath for making this tutorial for us non coding dummies!

  3. Console sometimes spits out stuff with missing letters, its a mess :razz: . There should be no reason it is not loading shiplantern.lua, if you could go ahead and upload the file again I can take a look and see if I can find anything, but I do not see a reason as to why it is not loading the prefab. Also, don't feel bad about spending half a day on it, I spent over 16 hours trying to figure it out.


     HAHAHA ok, I'll upload it, here in a sec, i'll upload a pic of a custom item that did work as an edit to this post , just so everyone knows we're not batshit crazy as well ;)

    well, maybe a little crazy...just not THAT crazy. 


    it will be as an added spoiler text.



    heres the edited proof it works





  4. Thank you so much!. And now to sacrifice a small bird in your honor! 


    That was, until the pagan gods of script errors came and ruined the ritual. Riddle me this, Apparently, I'm getting an error "can't find the Prefab "shiplantern" 


    instead of saying that, it's missing the letter P

    so it states "cannot find the refab "shilantern" 

    So I looked at all my LUA files, I didn't see anywhere where prefab or shiplantern was misspelled. HAve any of you ever come across something like this? To be on the safeside, I tried doing a find and replace in notepad++. I didn't get any hits. Is there anywhere else, other then the mod folder I can look? 

  5. I figured out why, go into shiplantern.lua and change --Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),


    to     Asset("ANIM", "anim/"),


    You had it commented out.


    However, once I uncommented it the pivot point still wasn't correct, let me take a look at it and see if I can get it working


    Whoops, acidentally double posted.


    Alright, I fixed the pivot point, you didn't hit right click and overwrite default pivot point, so it wasn't using the correct pivot point. To set the new pivot point, right click on the dot, overwrite default pivot point, then save the project.


    Let me go ahead and upload the fixed files, one moment.


    Well, this makes me feel less useless at least, enjoy!


    if worse comes to worse I suppose I could upload a spriter tutorial if I can figure out how to get fraps to record the desktop, I believe it is possible.

    Thank you so much! Seems like that's been a huge problem for newer modders, almost every problem I have seen is either been the Spriter issue with the save "swap_myitem.scml" or not knowing to right click on the pivot point. I also fixed that bottle I was working on. One thing that helped was I went back to my artwork and changed the size of the layer. I don't know if that helped. But as soon as I did that, and redid the pivot point, the art in game finally aligned correctly. I can't believe I've spent a day and a half on a tutorial that generally takes 35-40 minutes to create. And now to sacrifice a small bird in your honor! 

  6. Ran into some trouble today with the tutorial. I am positive it's on my end. I can't seem to get the item to show up in my hand no matter what I do. I'm also sure it has something to do with Spriter, it moved my files at one point, and at another didn't updatearrow-10x10.png my save when I switched the name "swap_myitem" to "swap_shiplantern".


    However, being new, I am sure there is a step i've forgetten to take, or a name in the BUILD, I haven't done. At least I am hoping it's something that simple. The file is attached. 



  7. The reason it is below his hand as you didn't set the pivot point, to do that you right click on the red dot, and hit overwrite default pivot point, move it, do it again just to be safe, and savearrow-10x10.png and whatnot. It took me a while to figure it out, you only do that in the swap animation however.

    Ahhhh... I may have moved it in the ground_item as well, Thats what it must be, the pivot point. 


    Also, as far as ading a modinfo.lua all i need to put in there is something like this? (courtesy of the boys from the api documentation team)


    name = "Mod Name"
    version = "1"
    author = "Author Name"
    description = [[Mod Description
    Second line of desc]]
    forumthread = "/files/file/"
    api_version = 6
    dont_starve_compatible = true
    reign_of_giants_compatible = true

  8. @RedRock911,


    1.  You need to set the pivot point of your item within Spriter.


    2.  The problem is that the animation data for your item is contained in the player animations.  Using OverrideSymbol() only replaces an existing sprite with a new sprite. There are only two ways to swap out the image that I can think of at the moment.  To do more than flip the image, you would have to override all character animations that are holding the item.  Alternatively, you can do like I did in a mod of mine and create separate symbol overrides for different directions.


    ex. from my mod

            local dir = inst.AnimState:GetCurrentFacing()                if (inst.components.inventory.equipslots.hands and inst.components.inventory.equipslots.hands.prefab == "megaplanter" and inst.components.inventory.equipslots.hands.ison) then            if ((dir == 1) or (dir == 3)) then                inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_megaplanter_anim", new_anim_symbol)            else                inst.AnimState:OverrideSymbol("swap_object", "swap_megaplanter", "swap_megaplanter")            end        end

    I use this to change the sprite of the held item depending on if the character is facing left/right or up/down.  Note that I only use this when the item is active and the character is running, though, and it's designed to work with any character.  For my up/down running animation, I created 9 different images and rotate through them like a flipbook by injecting them into the player's run stategraph:

       runstate =   for i = 0, 15, 1 do        table.insert(runstate.timeline, TimeEvent(i*FRAMES, DoMpCheck))    end    -- Gotta re-sort the timeline by time or the animation turns into madness    local function resort_timeline(a,b)        return a.time < b.time    end        -- Tried an anonymous function here, didn't seem to work for some reason.    table.sort(runstate.timeline, resort_timeline)

    This functionality is obviously a far cry from what you're looking to achieve, but it at minimum shows that what you're looking to do should be possible.  I'm unsure what the "best" approach is for you to provide consistent direction checkingarrow-10x10.png across all states.

    Thank you for the response! It's worth the shot! The toon I'm making is turning out to be a bit more advanced then expected, little items like this keep popping up. You know, I was starting to wonder if anyone even reads this thread anymore.  Alot of my issues are very user knowledge based. Essentially I'm running into problems because I haven't learned it yet. 

    So thank you for responding, I'll try the override system. 

    Since I'm essentially working on 4 projects, my worse case scenerio is that i just go back to do something easy (working on a presentation to help with either the existing water project, or making stuff for my own if they don't like my art style) 

  9. Thank the tutorial, I have create a character for my own :-))

    Her name Aeni la Lisa



    I'm talking about editing the character's part (hair, pig tail, foot ...) in .scml file, any change in position of a part not work in game... so, only change the position in .png file or change the pivol in .scml file are the only way to adjust the character's part !?

    She's very pretty! I love her eyes and hair!

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  10. First off cannot thank you enough for making this tutorial!


    As far as I can tell, following the directions has helped me create quite a few hand equippable items. However, I am having 2 issues. I included screenies to help see if I can get them resolved


    1. Placement::

      Is this something I need to artistically fix (size?) Or is there some sort of LUA script I need to use to have it be in my hand


    2. Text:

    When my character turns left, I'm assuming it just mirrors the image. Is there a way to put in a second image? I have 8 that I made, Or should I just grin and bare it, and make a symbol instead? 


    Now in saying that, I planned to make this an item you can drink from. If anyone by any chance knows a resource page or tutorial where I can find info on how to do this, it will be very much appreciated! 



  11. To my knowledge, editing the .scml file via notepad/++ is pretty much the best way to do it.

    (as doing it in the png files may cause some animation problems.)



    I am sorry I hadn't replied sooner,

    though I admit I am not completely sure what the problem might be.

    Though to narrow it down, I do suggest double checkarrow-10x10.png everything that references the png file like the xml, and modmain.

    It might also be an idea to checkarrow-10x10.png the png itself just in case. (both the name and image.)


    So you only edited the character's name in the template so far?


    Is it the art or the whole character that's missing?

    If it's the character, then I am quite puzzled on what it could be. 

    Ok, I'm a new modder too, and I have to forwarn you. In this new world, sometimes it's better just to delete everything and start from scratch. Because it's probably some minor detail. Especially with this tutorial. It takes thirty minutes to recreate everything, but it could take days to find out the exact problem. 

    That's coming from experience. It took me three good times to find out that it was something on my end.

    here are some of the things I did wrong, be my guest to check your stuff against mine:

    1, made my ALLCAPS name in lower case

    2. didn't check the version of my mod (needs to be 6)

    3. didn't name my files correctly, so the game couldn't locate associated folders

    4. Deleted my SCML files 

    5. Screwed with Spriter, and destroyed my project completley

    6. got all my recruits killed in XCOM long war. no seriously, I almost became a nun after that. which would suck because it involves a sex change,

    7. made God angry and did something, not sure what, game crashed


    So.....I made a few mistakes, I tried corrected them many times, but found out a golden rule

    Garbage IN and Garbage Out

    If you have spent longer then a day trying to fix something you have no idea why it's doing what it's doing, make a folder called failure to launch, stick it in there, and redo the tutorial.

    eventually you'll get it, and then we all can have a big glass of rainbow. Cause once you do get it right, it's like riding a bike.

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  12. First of all, thank you so much for this template, it's absolutely wonderful! But I'm having some trouble, as you guessed.

    So I've gotten a little bit done of my custom character, and I want to see how they look in game so far (aka all the parts look nice, animations work etc), in Spriter they look like this currently; (ignore the wonky horns oops)



    But in game, even after enabling and disabling the mod about 10 times, they just have the default template sprite. Am I doing something wrong? Is it something with the code, their long hair instead of pigtails? Or something entirely different?


    I keep all my toons in their own file, and make sure you don't have some layer still in one of the PNGs. If that's not it, make sure your dragging and dropping your mod into the mods folder, and not the extended template. 

  13. Yes, about that, is there a good tutorial for altering pivots?

    The template is great, but it has limitations. For example, I'm trying to make a single ponytail instead of two, from center of back of the head. The only way to achieve this is by altering the pivot points I suppose, if not gonna make it a static part of the head...



    Well....what ive learned is, you can alter "where " those ponytails are by just moving the drawing inside the layer.


    In Gimp, you can select all, then select float...then move it around. use the spriter to see your changes, until you get it  it lined up to where you want it. run the game and see if that worked,


    Got my toon up and running, trying to figure out how to make him a follower. But being I'm very new to coding anything, I'm having a tough time. I want to add him a follower (it's flapjack, im trying to make knuckles atm for him) that can be, at this point a container, kinda like a permanent chester. But Im only at the research part of knowing how to do that. 

    But I'm determined, in a week or so i'll have figured it out,


    speaking of, anyone know a good program that can make sound files or clips.....preferably free?