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  1. post-568384-0-43120600-1440557737_thumb.
    Just to show you, it isnt just you, I made this amazing beast, and I am having the same issue. The background is transparent, but there is something the game code doesn't like. I have had other modders, experianced modders, look at it. And we have all agreed that there is something that it may have not liked about either the name, the color, or how many animations are involved. 
    this problem, a similiar problem you are having, is stopping the mod from continuing forward. Or at least discouraging me from getting it complete. I have two other items to create, but am desperately trying to find a solution to this atm. 
    Speaking of, I am willing to pay someone, if they can help me finish this part of the mod. Extra if they can help with the tentacle animations (right now they are just circular balls to get the animations looking all cool and tentacly) 


  2. I started working on a collab, did you want me to include you in our pm's/ then you can gauge if you'd like to work with us or not, and vice versa. Also at some point i'd love to see if you can help me with some issues I am having with an OC. 


    ANNNDDD if you want, I could help with artwork in return

  3. Would you be able to point me in the direction of some sort of weapon/wearable guide as a next step after this? I'm trying my hand at actually making something mod/code related and I'd loove to have some sort of resource, something besides the salvaged pieces of various mods I've downloaded to bash my head against in hopes of Frankensteining my mod into a somewhat passable something.




    example of a hat

  4. First and foremost, thank you for making this tutorial, I have used this as a guide over the last 6-8 months to create many items for quite a few mods I am soon going to be publishing. BUT I had a few questions. Mostly based on mistakes that have cost me months of trying to figure out. 


    1. Which is the BANK for animations and which is the BUILD? And have you ever seen the folders switched in other item mods?

    For instance, hats? The confusion for me was where in the ground folder, the tutorial states that that's where we name our build, which is different then the swap folder, which is the build....right? But I could swear some items have the ground folder as the BUILD and the swap folder as the animation BANK. 


    2. Adding animations: can we add on top of an already completed tutorial file? or does that mess things up? reason I am asking, before I get into error troubleshooting from my other mistakes, I don't want to sit and try to problem solve something that I may have caused, because I tried to add something the game wont recognize. That includes art for the animations as well.

    Or is it as simple as making sure the artwork is put in the BUILD and Bank folders?


    I know these are pretty simple questions, But I wanted to make sure I knew the right answer.


    Thank you again for making such a helpful tutorial. I couldn't of done half the projects I made without your help. 



    I just have two questions:

    1. Do you mind if other people use your textures from your character in their own? Mainly, the legs, hands, and arms but have been recolored. If it's okay, how would you want credit linked in the mod desc?

    2. Would it be too much to ask you to label your faces tex as far as what each face is for? I'm making a full custom face and it's difficult trying to figure out what's going on exactly in that sprite when they're all together. I can trial and error but I wasn't sure what instances all the faces would be used in even.


    A good way to tell is to put a cigerette burn ( a dot) on one of the faces while testing. It's what i used to do when I had that problem. Some of the latter faces are hard to tell what they are, but the first few are teh default and blink animations, then side profile, i believe speech is next, and then a bunch of on hit faces,


    But trial and errors, (and a small dot) are going to be your best friends on this one. 

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  6. We will find a way around the textures, thanks for the help :grin:

    if you find a way, let us all know, since, everyone has been working on a way to find out...oh......about a year now? from everything from top modders, to us new guys. Best thing you can do is grin and bear it, and use some shading techniques on the head to make it "look" like there are bangs, or pigtails, or whatever you can think of. ANd I believe a few top scripters are trying to even build some sort of workaround code wise. 


    But this has been an issue for a long time. 

    Now in saying that, you can use the krane tool, and extract the animation, but being i've tried to do that, you can get some unwanted results. and is at this moment, not worth the payout. 


    But if you find a way, maybe you picked up on something none of the rest of us know about, and you should share with the rest of us. 

  7. I love Gimp. I can practically do anything I need to do artistically in it. As to the face problem, it's super easy to put a colored dot in the eye to see what face it is in game. Dot comes up, that's the face you want. It's really that simple.

    But your not lacking in your desire to know. I faced the problem when I started creating characters. That's how I found out (specifically, which one was the idle face, how crazy is that!)

    Drag and drop works well in gimp too. On investigation, I made a face 31. When I wasn't sure if this particular face-12.png was, I dropped my alt face in, found it, and replaced it with the associated face.

    So there's two ways to do it, colored cigarette burns, or alt smiley face. Either works great on trying to figure it out.

  8. Does anyone know which face files match up to which emotes? I've been using this video as a reference, but Dleowolf's character barely resembles Wilson and there are a bunch of lazy edits in the face files. I can't tell what's what aside from the obvious ones like /angry and /waves.




    If possible, could someone please upload a video with all of the sample character's emotes? I don't have DST so I can't do this myself. I know this would probably take a while, but I'm sure a lot of people would be able to use it!

    What I do, while modding, is I put a color coded dot somewhere in the .png and then make a list. (example: red = face-01, yellow = face-02 etc.) not sure if its the best way, but I never had too many examples except for THIS tutorial by DanaAdams ( which is extremely helpful in so many ways) 


    But to figure some stuff out, little color coded dots help you get somewhat of a starting point, while in the creation process. 

  9. One sec, I think you made the same mistake I did, give me about 45 minutes


    HA! I solved someone else's problem for once! feels pretty cool

    So. you had Don't Starve set in your modmain as false, i'm not sure if that was a reason it was failing or not, you had some color coded line in your script that was calling for a false value. AND Spriter couldn't find your images. you may have made a change to something and forgotten to save the project. 

    here is your fixed file.