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  1. An idea I've been kicking around would be to make Spider Eggs the Monster Food entry for eggs. Since they're a challenge to get hold of (and not 100% renewable) perhaps they should count for 2 Eggs? (Just as the Tallbird Egg counts for 4.) Also while I'm posting here again: Grenouille Roast 2 Frogs Legs, 1x Meat Almost as good as a turkey dinner, but it's green.
  2. Question: Are Rivers going to be ground turfs, like grass, or will they lie over the top of the land, like roads? If they're going to work like roads, maybe you could base the graphics on the existing Pond graphic?
  3. Yes! This is great! Not only a useful thread but also an excellent thread.
  4. Bit of an odd request but in my online D&D game this week my players are investigating the murder of a prominent actress and want to interview other people from her theatre. Naturally this is too good an opportunity to RP as my favourite DS character to pass up. Has anyone here done a rendering of Wigfrid in a non-DS style, preferably somewhat more realistic?
  5. I have no real answer but if I had to take a guess I'd suggest that in order to prevent overload on computer resources there's probably a requirement that manure should be dropped a certain distance from other piles to prevent too many objects appearing in one place, which would slow down the game.
  6. Yes, I think it's a pretty common Folk Story. The version I originally heard was involved in Jim Henson's The Storyteller.
  7. "Hmm. Another pack of hounds." "Oh, a gigantic killer tree again. Yeah." "Aw... another shadow beast? I'm busy mining here..." "OH GOD HELL WHAT THE- Oh. Pengulls."
  8. Scream Cheese Just to make it simpler, I think the aforementioned should just be the dairy version of monster food. (So, 1 Milk, 1 Butter, 1 Durian, 1 Monster meat gives you a Scream Cheese.) Steaksicle 2 Meat, 1 Stick, 1 Ice A cooked steak frozen in a chunk of ice. 30 Hunger, no sanity, but offers a little cooling. Most characters will question why on earth anyone would want this, aside from Wigfrid who will delight at this "Frozen Feast!" (Considered making 1 Meat version for a "Meat Popsicle" but... yeah.) Gazpacho Soup 3x Vegetables, 1 Ice A little less nourishing than Ratatouille, but offers a little chilling. Maybe someone could figure out a Red Dwarf reference from this, I dunno.
  9. I'd be interested in, say, changing the Gnome into a little ornamental fishing gnome which gets you fish from ponds. (Assuming the gardener wasn't a vegitarian.)
  10. Pretty sure any game feature ideas forum is at least 80% just throwing ideas around to get a "yeah that'd be fun" from people.
  11. They're all just general ideas. though you could balance them out with disadvantages. Also consider the character's basic Health/Hunger/Sanity. As a note on making them vegetarian, I think the game system recognises "Meat" as a food group so it shouldn't be difficult to implement. One separate mod idea I've been thinking about is a way to refine manure out of other fertilisers such as guano or rot as a means to make farming easier.
  12. A few easy unique abilities: -Able to plant some plants which aren't normally plantable (Cave Bananas, Glow Berries, Mushrooms) -Fertilisation (with manure, rot, etc.) is twice as effective. -Sanity creeps up by 1 whenever he plants something. (Seed, Pinecone, Fleshy Bulb) -Not afraid of evil flowers and can pick them without penalty. -Causes harvested plants to drop seeds of the same type. (IE: Harvest a watermelon, it drops watermelon seeds.) Requiring new game assets: -Can prototype unique plants for various utilities. Such as a plant that attacks enemies like a tentacle, a coconut tree for a cooling treat, a Vampire Pumpkin that drains health from enemies, a seed-spitting turret plant which needs regular loading with new seeds. -Can use a Hoe to dig a furrow in suitable soil, creating something like a one-use farm that grows seeds slowly, can't be re-fertilised and disappears upon harvesting. Starts with a Cheap Hoe (and can make more with 2 flint and 2 sticks) that has 10 uses. Can later craft a Fancy Hoe (2 Gold, 4 Sticks) which has 50 uses.
  13. Alas, I'm not much of an artist. XD It was a commission from my friend Pearl. Also I've posted the full thing here:
  14. "This sure was a nice base before those dogs set fire to it."
  15. "Ugh, I'm running out of space to keep my giant spider heads."
  16. One off idea, though I might see if I can think of some more ideas for Glommer Goop. Fairy Floss 1x Glommer Goop, 1x Sweetener, 1x Stick (No meat or fish, if that'd create Kabobs or Fishsticks. A delightful pink spun sugar treat on a stick. No Health or Hunger (It's just empty calories) but +20 Sanity. Characters will variously refer to it as Fairy Floss, Candy Floss or Cotton Candy depending on their nationality. Wendy will note this floss isn't good for your teeth.
  17. @Bigpak That'd be great! I don't have any real coding skills so I didn't think there would be much chance of seeing these happen.
  18. Death by Chocolate is technically a copyrighted name, which probably won't matter for a mod, but here's an alternative... My Fatal Valentine 2x Cocoa Beans Either: -A chocolate heart, with an arrow through it. Something black is oozing from the wound. -An open heart shaped box of chocolates, with something oozing over the edge. Wickerbottom will note that the iconic heart shape possibly resembles the herb Siphium. For the latter design, at lease one person will reference that famous line from Forrest Gump. Probably mockingly.
  19. A few pretty sweet ideas. Dark Chocolate Tree A short and wide tree growing in the deep ruins with a bone white trunk, black leaves and purple seed pods. Cannot be chopped down (Woodie notes the wood is too brittle to be much use) but can be repeatedly harvested like a berry bush. Withers in winter (Even in the depths) despite being an evergreen. Can be dug up and planted elsewhere like a berry bush but will burst into flames in sunlight. (Maxwell will note that they only thrive in due to the nightmare fuel that suffuses the ruins.) Cocoa Seed Pod A dark purple seed pod containing the beans of the tree, can be eaten but is a bit poisonous. Like a Birchnut Seed, can't be used in Crockpot until it's cooked over a fire: Dark Roast Cocoa Black beans, now free of their pod. Restores a little less hunger than the full pod but causes less health damage. Both raw and cooked, these are considered Monster food. Recipies: Hot Chocolate 1x Cocoa Beans, 1x Dairy Item, No Ice A cup of milky chocolate drink. Good for sanity, warms the drinker. Frosty Chocolate Milkshake 1x Cocoa Beans, 1x Dairy Item, 1x Ice Comes in a glass with a straw. Good for sanity, cools the drinker Tejate 1x Cocoa Beans, 1x Corn A foamy Mexican Drink. Good for Sanity, does not warm or cool the drinker. Poblano Mole 1x Cocoa Beans, 1x Live Moleworm, 1x Gobbler Drumstick Very satisfying but time intensive. Heatlh/Sanity/Hunger boosts on par with Turkey Dinner Death By Chocolate 2x Cocoa Beans A decadent looking sinister chocolate cake with a skull shaped icing garnish. Technically not monster food (So Webber is not immune) but damaging to eat. Restores a little hunger and 50 Sanity at the cost of 100 health. (Maxwell will note that there are worse ways to go.
  20. I also thought having a hooded fireplace would be a nice option. Something to cut down the effect of rain on fires. Also a large parasol for shade in summer.
  21. I'd be interested in the idea human Chester would have a kangaroo-like pouch in his chest to keep your items in. Also I think it'd be neat to see human Chester just sitting somewhere getting nibbled by spiders without really doing much in response.
  22. Koalaloni 1 Koalaphant Trunk (Winter or regular) Koalaphant Trunk stuffed with whatever else you put in. Slightly better than regular cooked Koalaphant trunk. One Idea I've just had and maybe wanted to float around is Prestihatitator tier magic item to make Dairy items, though it may be a bit dark for DS: Frankengoat 4 Volt Goat Horns, 6 Meat, 4 Boards Produces a large sewn-together green Volt Goat with very large horns. strapped to a table. Similar to a lightning rod, it will attract and absorb lightning strikes while the player is around. this will cause the Frankengoat to convulse and drop some Galvanised Milk. Each time it is stuck by lightning there is a 5% chance that the Frankengoat will break free (Breaking the table into 2 Boards) and begin to rampage around, attacking everything around it. Compared to a normal charged Volt Goat, it is slightly faster, hits twice as hard and has three times the health and comes with an insanity aura. Drops 6 Monster Meat, 2 Volt Goat Horns and 1 Galvanised Milk upon death. Galvanised Milk Similar to Electric Milk, but green and the bottle has small bolts sticking out of the neck. Considered Monster Food, damages health and sanity. Wilson will note that he doesn't have to worry about it rusting.
  23. Battered Batilisk 2 Batilisk Wings, 2 Eggs Like chicken nuggets, but a bit more mammilian French Toast 1 Egg, 1 Dairy Item, 1 Sweetener French Toast with syrup. Trés bien! Roughly as good as Waffles for sanity.