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  1. 14 hours ago, minespatch said:
    1. Loving the texture the artist put on Wilson's arms.
    2. I almost mistook this for a WX skin until I read the description.
    3. Quietly squees over the They Might Be Giants reference.
    4. Does the artist have a klei forums account?

    1: Yeah, 'ats some good gloves.

    2: I'm thinking WX's would be a stand themselves, Artificial Heart, able to bring to life inorganic machines.

    3: If I develop this idea more, I think after dying and coming back or an encounter with Charlie, Wilson's stand becomes Triangle Man, able to blend the unknowable magics of nightmare fuel into higher level items.

    4: Not as far as I know.

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  2. I can't believe I didn't think of this before:



    1 x Cocoa Beans, 1 x Electric Milk, 1 x Sweetener

    A large milk chocolate bar. Comes with a blue wrapper with a lightning bolt on it.

    Good as Ice Cream for sanity, but does not cool the consumer.

    People will note eating tingles like putting your tongue on a 9-Volt battery. WX-78 greatly appreciates this.


    Referring to:

    A few pretty sweet ideas.


    Dark Chocolate Tree

    A short and wide tree growing in the deep ruins with a bone white trunk, black leaves and purple seed pods. Cannot be chopped down (Woodie notes the wood is too brittle to be much use) but can be repeatedly harvested like a berry bush.

    Withers in winter (Even in the depths) despite being an evergreen.

    Can be dug up and planted elsewhere like a berry bush but will burst into flames in sunlight.

    (Maxwell will note that they only thrive in due to the nightmare fuel that suffuses the ruins.)


    Cocoa Seed Pod

    A dark purple seed pod containing the beans of the tree, can be eaten but is a bit poisonous.

    Like a Birchnut Seed, can't be used in Crockpot until it's cooked over a fire:


    Dark Roast Cocoa

    Black beans, now free of their pod. Restores a little less hunger than the full pod but causes less health damage.


    Both raw and cooked, these are considered Monster food.


  3. A few ideas for dairy items.


    Sour Milk

    Monster-Dairy item. Dropped upon death by Beefalo and uncharged Volt Goats. Also produced when electric milk goes bad, though Sour Milk eventually rots away into Rot.


    I remember one mod out there has dead beefalo drop "Beefy Milk" which is pretty pleasing sounding to me, so I'd be inclined to lift the name if the modder would be cool with that.


    However I'd suggest there could be a peaceful way to get your hands on it.


    (Tool) Milk Pail

    2 x Boards, 2 x Bone Shards. 10 Uses

    Allows for milking of mature Beefalo and charged Volt Goats.

    This requires a short period of time (equivalent to berry/grass picking animation) and both Beefalo and Volt Goats will react with hostility if this is attempted while they are awake, so the following usage is advised:

    -If the animal is asleep, the player will have time to milk the animal before it's fully awake and hostile.

    -Beefalo will not become hostile if the player is wearing a Beefalo Hat.


    Since some of these changes make dairy items pretty easy to find, I'd suggest upping the Ice Cream requirements to 1 Ice, 1 Sweetener and 2 Dairy.

  4. Rather than a crockpot recipe, this one's a Refinement:



    Refined from 8 Butterfly wings, Science Machine Tier.

    The Monster Food of the dairy group. A small glass of butterfly milk.

    Wilson will say he's not sure this should even exist.


    The Monster Recipe for Dairy is, of course, Scream Cheese, as mentioned a few posts above.

  5. I kind of wonder if we'll see not so much an outright shop-for-materials, but maybe some kind of coin operated device?


    Not something as simple as Granola Bars, one dubloon each, but somethng bizzare like a coin operated weather machine or giant-summoner.

    Adding to the idea of a giant-summoner, maybe something like a personal loot stash which lures in pig-pirates and mer-bandits to steal it so you can kill them and take their stuff.


    As you add more loot to the hoard the thieves you lure in get tougher. It'd be like having a way to control the risk/reward level for hound attacks.

  6. Given that the balance issues mainly have to do with the design of the world (Islets vs. Supercontinent) perhaps if people want to see it integrated there could be a way to travel between each as a new world, like the current Wooden Thing system.


    Maybe there could be both the Wooden Thing and Driftwood Thing on each map with their own collection of Things to assemble to leave the world.

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  7. I dont know, i dont really get the whole reasoning with the tropical setting wouldnt fit in with the current Dont Starve. The whole point of Dont Starves world is that its a clusterf-ck of different biomes, how exactly is having more tropical biomes different from adding a desert like ROG did, heck before Rog every biome imaginable was already pretty much accounted for except tropical. And what about caves? If were arguing that the new gameplay woudlnt fit, shouldnt they have been a standalone too?

    I don't disagree with the idea of an integrated Shipwreck setting, but I think the way we play Shipwrecked is going to be a bit different to how we play DS or RoG, considering we'll be spending a lot of time sailing and dealing with setting-specific weather and other underlying concepts.


    I would like to see an option to have the systems integrated though, perhaps with world setting options to determine how many and how varied the islands will be.

  8. Just another idea for the egg entry of Monster Food:


    Bad Egg

    If you feed more than four Monster Food to a bird on one day, it'll produce these eggs.

    Yellow with red cracks and speckles

    Has a short freshness period. after which it turns to Rot instead of a Rotten Egg.

    Characters will observe "I think this was laid rotten" and "I don't need salt water to see this is bad.

  9. A few more ideas:


    I remembered my earlier idea about using Glommer Goop in recipes, so that could probably serve a role as Jelly in any and all the above.

    (I've always found Jellied Eels pretty funny so there's that.)


    But anyway:

    Eel Pie and Mash

    1 Eel, 2 Vegetables.

    Good solid east-end food.

    Maxwell: "I hoped that I'd escaped from this."


    Tuna Muffin

    1 Fish, 1 Sponge

    Could do with some cheese.


    Jam Doughnut

    3 Berries, 1 Sponge

    Woo-hoo! etc.

    Abagail used to love these, though Wendy prefers the ring kind.


    @Lampofulmine Do you have any other new foods in CitD that could be thrown in the pot?

  10. @lampofulmine, had a couple of fishy ideas at work today, noted them down:


    New mob:

    Jellyfish - Float around underwater in small swarms of six. Not hostile, but being in their presence will cause intermittent stingy damage.

    Swarms will become hostile and converge on enemies if attacked but not if a member of the swarm is captured in a net.

    (Perhaps hostile swarms could change colour to resemble the Metroid of the eponymous game.


    Can be killed for Jelly Goop or captured live with an insect net. (And murdered for Jelly Goop)


    New Foods

    Jellyfish (Takes up a whole inventory slot, slowly starves unless fed sea food.)

    Jelly Goop (Stackable up to 20)

    Both variants cause health and sanity damage when eaten. ("Tastes sting-y" would be Wilson's remark.)

    Live Jellyfish can be dried on a rack for Small Jerky.

    In crockpots, a live Jellyfish is worth 1 Jelly and 1 Fish, Goop is worth 0.5 Jelly.


    D-Grade Seafood

    The Monster Food of the Fish family, dropped by Merms when they're killed. (Thankfully, Merms still drop Frog's Legs.)

    Its a pile of pointy teeth, angler fish danglers and eyes. (Wolfgang will note "Here, food see YOU!")


    New Recipes:

    Amateur Fugu

    Produced from putting two monster food into a crockpot which has mostly fish in it.

    A deflated blowfish with the spikes intact and a surprised look on it's face.

    (Wickerbottom will note "The organs of the Takifugu are known to contain a potent neurotoxin.")


    Hell-o (or possibly Hellatin)

    Produced from 2 monster foods in a mostly-jelly crockpot recipe.

    (Tricky but possible, if you put in a Live Jellyfish, Jelly Goop and two different types of monster food.)

    A moulded gelatin dessert, sickly green in colour with a faint sinister face. (Wilson will note "It jiggles sinisterly")

    (Jell-o is a Kraft trademark, so there might be an issue with the first choice of name.)


    Fish and Chips

    Fish, 2 Vegetables

    Battered and fried fish and chunky chips.

    (Maxwell will note this isn't good for his heart, but what the hell.)


    Jellied Eels

    0.5 Jelly, 1 Eel

    A traditional cockney delicacy.

    (Maxwell will note he didn't miss this at all.)


    Raspberry Jelly

    1 Jelly, 1 Berries

    It's pink.

    Not very nutritious but good for sanity.



    1 Jelly, 1 Dairy, 1 Fruit

    A layered dessert with cream and fruit. Very good for sanity.


    Mince and Dumplings

    2 Meat, 2 Sponges

    Minced meat and gravy with what look like savoury dumplings.

    Character will note that the dumplings deliciously soak up the gravy.

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