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  1. All Achievements Reward

    There should be something special given to those who have 100% of the achievements. This is only because I want to thank all those people that put time and effort into the game and toats not because I just got my last achievement.
  2. Killing Grand Forge Boarior

    No it's not. Where's the completionist in you
  3. Killing Grand Forge Boarior

    You forgot the super-important achievement
  4. Webber buff ideas

    This has already been tested. He outdamaged Willow even before he got buffed (I couldn't find the post where they proved this, it might have been archived). Yes if she uses the fire staff she deals more damage, but then you'll have to start comparing her to Wickerbottom and Maxwell instead. Bernie is the only thing she actually has for her, but that's still only marginally useful. Wendy and Willow are my least favorite characters right now if you weren't able to tell already.
  5. Is there any chance "The Forge" will come back ?

    Use the Browse Server function and look for servers that have the password in the title or description. The average skill level will increase and while there are some people that are rude most that I have been have been nice as long as you communicate properly with them.
  6. Webber buff ideas

    Webber has one of the highest dart dps in the game. He doesn't really need a buff (and I have no idea why you think he'd make a good tank)
  7. All Random Experience

    Right after I beat the Forge for the first time (during beta) we decided to go the same team but with all random just for fun. We ended up with 3 Wilsons (including me), a WX and a Willow (I don't remember who the last one was, might actually have been a 4th Wilson) and somehow we still won.

    Silent but deadly
  9. Finally got Gold Run!

    Thanks for the offer, but I just got it:
  10. Finally got Gold Run!

    That's cool, I hadn't thought of that.
  11. Finally got Gold Run!

    Congrats! I'm still looking for a team that can do this. Unfortunately I'm in europe so I couldn't join you. Did you have Wigfrid as tank or dart user?
  12. The Forge's Suicide Squad

    Wouldn't Winona be the worst at using firedarts? I agree that Wendy is pretty bad, but I'd say it's a stretch to say that Abagail isn't better than a molten dart 10% more often.
  13. Lost XP

    Wow, it worked thanks. I got real scared for a sec.
  14. Lost XP

    I just got my first win with Wolfgang, giving me enough xp to level up twice. But my level stayed the same (38) and I did not get any chests, though I still got the achievement for Wolfgang victory. No crashes, just disconnected normally. Sadly did not take a screenshot of the victory screen. My steam id is 76561198168515321
  15. Is the Halloween event over?

    It lasts until the end of November