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  1. And remove his only weakness? No thanks.
  2. Wicker's Age?

    Where are the options for 6-9?
  3. There's also structures with skins, how would that work?
  4. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Reduced the peripheral vision of alternative tier 1 guards slightly. Reduced the amount of AP given by Silent Sprint Pads by 1. Fixed the tooltip of Holographic Pinpointing so that all of it fits. Fixed a crash.
  5. Newb Need Help

    You don't need to tame a beefalo for that. You can feed it and put on a saddle and it will let you ride for a while. Fully taming them only gives the beefalo improved stats.
  6. It's probably not an intentional adjustment. Most likely what happened was that it was actually 1% at some point, and then they added new items that could be dropped by tumbleweed indirectly making all the other items slightly less common.
  7. Make bunny puffs a fuel

    Um, have you ever seen a real bunny?
  8. Let's talk about this Spider Hat

    No, On Tentacles needs alchemy engine
  9. Didn't they say that the 2018 holiday skinset was going to be the same as 2017 but for the characters that didn't get any this year?
  10. how old is webber

    It's very useful. Feel free to use it.
  11. Bundling wrap needs a blueprint which Bee Queen drops.