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  1. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Fixed mods not unloading for old saves. Added worldmap modifying features.
  2. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    System Admins can no longer use their Panic Button if it's alarm level 5 or higher. Prototype Security no longer benefits from a firewall higher than 3. Added portraits for Sprinters (WIP)
  3. 2 screens

    That's a Wii U.
  4. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Fixed Countermeasures never disappearing. Added options for credit scaling and credit scaling ceiling.
  5. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Update: Fixed a crash, made the 'love letter' event able to spawn in any corp, and made some of the rarer events more common.
  6. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Added one more event that I forgot about yesterday.
  7. [MOD] Interactive Events

    Added 4 more events. Unlike the previous events, which are updated from an early access build of the game, these ones are merely based off how I remember events being, so they are not actually the same events as the ones during early access. You'll have to live with my bad writing skills if you choose to use them.
  8. [Mod]Generation Options+

    Fixed some stuff that was not reset between games if the mod was disabled.
  9. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Fixed another crash related to Interferers. Interferers now work better with area of effect weapons like grenades and shock traps.
  10. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Fixed bug when items without a cooldown were affected by electrical interference or a pulse grenade.
  11. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    I like it! We need more Invisible, Inc. memes.
  12. This is a mod that adds random events sometimes when you use a comsole or other device. The mod adds a few events that were in the game during early access, but later removed. (Note that these are from an older version so your skills don't affect the outcome and some events that were added later aren't in the mod) These are meant as examples however, if you are a mod maker I encourage you to try to make your own (better) events. Changelog: Steam Workshop Version This mod requires Sim Constructor to be used, which can be found here Feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  13. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Update, because for some reason stuff broke in the last update.
  14. [MOD] Advanced Guard Protocol

    Support Drones will now attack agents in sight by shooting grenades at them. KO Overloader has been renamed to Feedback Overloader. It can now trigger when the guard is killed, but it also causes the guard to be ko for longer if the damage dealt to him is less than the damage dealt by the overloader itself. Fixed Support Drones playing the wrong sound when the New Items and Augments mod is installed. Fixed Interferers crashing when killed. Also, feel free to discuss the mod on our Discord:
  15. [MOD] Sim Constructor

    Added support for banter with a different number of agents than 2. Custom stores can now define what type of overlay they have (fixes issues with Auxillary Server Terminals from Programs Extended)