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  1. The only change I would like to see before release is for the Lunar Grimoire to not change the lunar cycle after forcing a full moon.
  2. Kinda sad tbh, to me it made sense for the curse to stick with you after death (like Woodie's for example). That and I just like being Wonkey.
  3. Year of the Dragonfly sounds downright amazing. Dress it up as the lucky beast, make it the center of the festivities, burn down the world, go all out!
  4. Like others have been saying, every other character apart from Wickerbottom, Maxwell, and Wilson have already got their major refreshes. A good way to tell is to see if they have a unique idle animation (Winona cracking her shoulder, Willow hugging Bernie, Walter's salute, etc). Unique idle animations basically means they are not planned to get any more refreshes. It is possible that Klei could go back and tweak the existing characters around a bit to make their gameplay more engaging like they did with Wurt recently (cause we all know Winona needs it) but I'm not expecting anything major until after the last three official refreshes are complete.
  5. The eyepatch sash clips off right at the circled spot here. I'm unsure if it's an easy fix, but it'd be nice to see it stay connected under the headband.
  6. I'd love silly little Wonkey skins! Given that you can access them through the curio cabinet, that could probably be a way to equip skins onto them, apart from the wardrobe in-game.
  7. Well in that case allow me to shamelessly plug a mod I'm on the team for: Island Adventures! Tl;dr, it's our take on Shipwrecked in DST. It contains mostly all the features of the original dlc, but with some changes to allow DST's features to still shine: - Full compatibility with DST Characters + Refreshes - Additions to Treasure Hunting + Slot Machine loot with DST-only items (configurable) - RWYS-compatible Sweet Potatoes - SW fish have alive/dead states just like DST's fish, and can be put in Fishin' Bins + Fish Bowls (configurable, this also allows Rainbow Jellyfish to be free sources of light) - A functional Seaworthy (via dedicated server) to allow travel between Shipwrecked, Forest, Caves, and Volcano - ...and more, too many to remember/list in one post lol Check it out if interested! If ya have any questions we have the workshop comments section and our discord. Don't allow me to overtake this thread, I wanna see everyone else's suggestions too
  8. Agreed. I can't imagine how... Wonkey... the running is for players who have to deal with heavy lag.
  9. It's pretty hilarious actually. My inventory is full, and I'm holding my trinket with the mouse. After killing another monkey via this method, the new trinket doesn't stack on top of the trinket I'm holding with my mouse, instead it keeps spamming itself on top of my character, resulting in it floating and following me around as such.
  10. Yeah please just leave it at stealing items. Destroying the entire chest just isn't fun.
  11. Same should apply to all trees tbh, not just evergreens, deciduous, and twiggy trees.
  12. I kinda hope Wonkey leans more into the Wilbur perks honestly since he's already sorta halfway there. I mean things such as periodically pooping, maybe having splumonkey neutrality, and speaking in a mix of "Ooh"s and "Aah"s instead of your previous character's speech. Really drive home the fact you are not that character anymore, you have returned to monke.
  13. I would love to see this! Cawnival Berry Bush skins would make bases so much prettier.