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  1. Good point, but maybe it'd be better if it had a durability instead of a spoilage meter? I just hate the fact it can't be renewed in any way outside of bundles. Without a disguise, no player other than Wurt can feed Merm King, and the buffed and passive Merms/Merm Guards go away within a matter of days! After that, the whole Merm town your Wurt built up is useless since all those Merms go right back to being hostile. That sucks. Though there should definitely be something Wurt could do uniquely through interaction with the Merm King! I don't have any great ideas, aside from better trading depending on the fish offered to the King...? Wurt should benefit more greatly from the Merm King, and the rest of the survivors should have a long lasting way to interact with Merms and the King while a Wurt player isn't around. TL;DR: I agree, survivors should have a way to maintain the Merm King while Wurt's not around, but Wurt should gain more benefit from Merms and the King in exchange. (i.e. better king trading, or getting to hire farmers/fishermerms like you suggested)
  2. It'd be nice if you could get better rewards from Merm King depending on what you trade with him, or depending how long he's been alive to kinda promote caring for him more instead of the regicidal Merm civilization that's currently much more efficient. It'd also be nice if a single Merm King's buffs reach other server shards so we don't need multiple Kings for the Surface and the Caves. And like @Sub-Maxwell said, make the Clever Disguise infinite maintainable. It's extremely annoying to have a Wurt come into a server, build up a small Merm civilization, and leave without any way for the other survivors to have a long lasting way to interact with the Merms since the disguise expires too soon. A Wurt player shouldn't have to be present all the time for that kind of team interaction. Another thing that bothers me about Wurt is her wetness interaction. She's a merm, she loves water, her quotes say so. Why does she lose sanity in the rain and from holding wet items? This rework mod by @Electroely hits on almost every aspect I think should be changed about Wurt. I'm kinda surprised it's not official.
  3. I'm pretty hyped to see what direction this team takes the normal Don't Starve formula! And I'm sure there's modders waiting on the sidelines to port the exclusive characters, mobs, and items from New Home to DST, heh heh..
  4. I like everything about Walter, I just wish his slingshot had more range, and that telling stories took hunger to do.
  5. I've never seen so many confused reactions on one post. Anyway, the shorts don't mean that things are set in stone. Just look at Warbucks in the old Hamlet trailer. We don't talk about Warbucks. But people already like Woby, and he's not broken, so why change him?
  6. ^This pretty much. If it's the same as the critters, it should just give Woby a few new animations, nothing gameplay-changing.
  7. I just think it'd be nice if we could safely hold Ctrl+F to attack in place with the slingshot without Walter inching closer to enemies.
  8. This whole thread is just flexing that you know how to kite.
  9. ^This. A lot of Walter's perks can be listed as a single point and it would look a lot less bloated: - Has a Slingshot (Includes the custom ammo) - Has a doggy companion (Includes everything Woby comes with; the inventory+beefalo) - Isn't scared of much, besides getting hurt (Includes his unique sanity mechanics) - Isn't much for fashion (Includes his ignorance to sanity clothing/armor) - Is a dedicated Boy Scout (Includes the cooking, portable tent, campfire stories, hat, etc.) Really the only things I would remove from Walter is his sanity gain from trees, (as it's hardly noticeable and a bit much on top of the sanity you can get from the portable tent and campfire stories), and his bee allergy (since it doesn't make a lot of sense in the first place, and fighting is already enough of a hassle when it ends with Walter being insane half the time).
  10. This argument especially holds true for Wickerbottom: An old woman that can call instantly grow plants, spawn birds and tentacles, and call down the wrath of the gods at the cost of sanity, but you simply can't sleep or eat stale food? People would like be raising a ruckus about Wickerbottom if she were just released today. That's the thing though! His unique sanity isn't exactly a downside that could be ignored at all (unlike Wickerbottom). Like it or not, you're gonna get hit in DST, and if you're not wearing Walter's scout hat, you lose like half your sanity in a single hard hit. People are drawing assumptions about the character without actually playing as him first. That's valid! Thanks for explaining. His ammo could've honestly been put in the Fight tab alongside his slingshot, but everyone's getting a custom tab lately so I think it's fine. And it'd be cool if he had a quote for when he gets stung by bees to remind people of his allergy, I wouldn't say it needs an animation necessarily.
  11. Seconded, I like the idea of making his storytelling cost hunger over time. It'd feel more like a full character perk that way. You could heal yours and everyone else's sanity at night at the cost of your own hunger. (Currently the storytelling is insanely broken in Lights Out mode anyway.)
  12. I hope Walter will get some more campfire stories to tell. I'd love the idea of him making up more and more stories as he learns more about the Constant (through days survived, bosses encountered, or other milestones). And imagine the stories he could come up with for Hallowed Nights! Just repeating the same 2 stories each night is gonna get a bit stale, the storytelling is a favorite of mine.