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  1. Well, it's certainly not illegal. I can understand it being morally gray/wrong. But on the other hand, if there's a well known problematic user that consistently causes problems for people who play a certain mod, I personally would support that line of code banning them from ruining others' experiences.
  3. That is one of the upsides to come from this if you look at it that way. We should likely be expecting more frequent and/or better content with the new backing, as much as I do not like Tencent from an ethical standpoint.
  4. I can't believe Chris is real and also on Klei Entertainment Forums

  5. This would be SUPER useful. I'd love to have a separate tab for all the non-prototypable tabs instead of having to scroll through all the tabs layered over each other.
  6. Hey guys! Quick update: I'm slowly getting back into updating this thread! I've compiled a checklist of everything I'm missing, so eventually I'm going to be making a new post when I edit everything together. So far, I'm missing: - All 2019 Winter Skins - Wilson's Beard Skins - All Missing Vignettes (Winter, Shorts, Etc.) - Rest of Year of the Pig King (The Wrestlers) - Year of the Carrat - Wendy's Rework Skins - Crystalline Collection - Rest of the missing Loyals - Rest of the missing Character Skins - ETC... I hope to get this updated soon!
  7. ^This pretty much, she hardly even resembles her original form anymore.
  8. So is anyone else gonna mention how off-artstyle that Axolotl Wurt skin looks?
  9. I hope Walter will get some more campfire stories to tell. I'd love the idea of him making up more and more stories as he learns more about the Constant (through days survived, bosses encountered, or other milestones). And imagine the stories he could come up with for Hallowed Nights! Just repeating the same 2 stories each night is gonna get a bit stale, the storytelling is a favorite of mine.
  10. I'm here! I just don't really check the forums as much anymore, and I lost my file full of skins editing equipment after getting a new computer last Christmas. When I get the drive to update this again, I will. Sorry I'm not doing it within a couple days of an update anymore guys.
  11. The original modded skins is taking a while to update, it's broken rn. Also this one doesn't seem to be on the workshop.