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  1. I don't know if this is by choice or not, but only Wilson has an "ANNOUNCE_ROYALTY" string (the quote said when bowing to a bee queen crown wearer). None of the other character's speech files seem to have this. Is this intentional?
  2. Whatever it is, it isn't posted yet, otherwise I'd have added a link to it in the post already.
  3. "Bug" net skin
  4. BTW, the original post has been updated with all the new Winona update stuff. I put in a small explanation on what Heirloom skins are in comparison to elegants for any new people that are confused. Thoughts?
  5. Hi, I'm a Forged Forge dev. We stated in the QnA right on the workshop page that we plan on porting Gorge in the future after Forge is 100% done.
  6. Stay on topic. @S19TealPenguin If you have an issue with OP's word choice you should take it up in private messages.
  7. We'll have to get an artist to make the Ox be saddle-able (and probably emote-able too), since those assets don't exist in normal SW. We'd also need to balance it out based on beefalo taming and riding on water. So if we do decide to do it, it'll likely be a while. Probably after the main mod features are done. Also we're not adding too many brand new additions into IA, so it may wind up being a separate mod along with our other fun ideas, such as unused sw mobs or a boardwalk turf for water building/expanding islands. Tl;dr we'll consider it after IA is complete.
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  8. Oh I know, sorry, I didn't mean for it to sound like so, just lettin ya know.
  9. Tropical Experience already said in their discord that they're not planning on recreating the SW seasons. We already have that development in progress on Island Adventures.
  10. Actually, we've done just that in a recent update! Also as for the colorcubes and everything: With our "Merged" preset that smushes RoG and SW together, we made it so if you're in RoG, those colorcubes and seasons apply. BUT if you sail off into the SW area, the SW colorcubes kick in to match, as well as appropriate temperature, wave frequency, AND music. We wanna make our mod as polished and shiny as possible, after all.
  11. It does right now. Klei's looking into changing it.
  12. What's New? Classy: Profile Icons Spiffy: Portrait Frames Distinguished: Elegant: Item Skins Loyal: Proof of Purchase: Heirloom: