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  1. Sorry again, I'm just busy with college and a lot of stuff going on right now. When I get the chance I'll update this list with everything.
  2. Time to get into the Christmas spirit. (^:
  3. I got participator :'(

    All I wanted to do was complete an All-6 Maxwell run. :^(
  4. I got participator :'(

    6? That's always been the max, obviously.
  5. Holy shipwrecked, I have been falling behind on my updates. I didn't add the Circus skins to the main post yet and I never made the Hallowed Nights OR new Forge skins yet. Sorry bout that guys.
  6. Every Thursday, around the time the Rhymes with Play stream begins.
  7. Modded Skins (API)

    Actually default's mod doesn't rely on the API to make skinned structures. In fact, I don't think anybody's used the API to make skinned structures yet. If you like, you can check out the "Ron, the Luck Seeker" mod, that has one skinned item, to see if that'll be of any help.
  8. Wednesday is a very sociopathic character. No murder, just very very unsettling. Fitting for a Willow skin tbh.
  9. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    @nome What are your thoughts on your meme being revived? Jeez this was like, 2 years ago, wasn't it? I'm bringing back my old PFP:
  10. Thoughts on Warbucks?

    True, but imo if they replaced the explorer perks with something revolving around more hunter-related perks he'd be much better off. Hunting is a concept that's present in any instance of DS, so it could theoretically work pretty much anywhere so none of his perks would become "dead weight" in any environment (So that'd be option B without feeling too stacked). Also I agree with the fortune thing, dubloons would be nice to affect him since they are technically a currency, but gold nuggets would be a bit overboard considering you can even get them super quick in Hamlet.
  11. Thoughts on Warbucks?

    I updated my main post to account for the recent updates Warbucks has been getting, plus a few more of my own thoughts (separate from the facts for your ease of reading). A new point I also addressed is how Warbucks is a Hamlet-oriented character, just like Walani and Woodlegs. He's useless in RoG/SW because his Treasure Hunting items serve no purpose, there are no oincs in sight, and there's no easy early game way to nab some crock pot food forcing you to suffer with nothing but a raw foods drawback.
  12. [Game Update] - 291104

    Hate to be "that guy", but is Warbucks gonna receive any perks even remotely hinting he's a hunter besides his title and portrait? Cause right now he's kinda in the same boat as Wilson with the whole "Gentleman Scientist" thing while Wilson has no perks hinting at him being a scientist (besides the array of quotes but besides the point). His character just doesn't fit the perks he's been given in my opinion.
  13. Man, Tropical Experience is super buggy, and this goes to show. That, and seeing RoG cutout water and SW water side-by-side does NOT look natural. Anyway, here's my contribution to the thread (Island Adventures mod): Look at the size of that thing! Some "totally-normal" Crabbits along with a "totally-normal" sand pile.
  14. He's a big buggy atm. You can't craft his Lucky Hat or Sea Legs (but the latter is less of an issue, just sell the boards for oincs), and as of this build digging up trapped snake treasure crashes the game.