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  1. Wormwood skins?

    I'm still hoping for a nod to Wormwood's beta design. I drew it in the pose of his current portrait cause I liked the design: So who knows, hopefully we'll get it.
  2. I don't think it's out of the realm of possibility to include the singleplayer characters here now, thanks to Warly. But yeah, my answer is still Woodie. The Beaver state is still not a very enjoyable experience and is more of a detriment than a useful tool in the hands of most players. Half the players I see go beaver almost always end up dying to a swarm of nightmares, and thus cannot do a lot of tree chopping because of it.
  3. Distance is a valid issue. If the Lunar Island is far enough from the mainland, you can't teleport back and forth from it. But I can't really see that being an issue when the telipad's range spans at least half of a map. As for the Lunar Island and other point being an issue, the telipad, to my knowledge, prioritizes the closest pad when choosing where to go. So yeah, if another point of interest is too close to the lunar island setup, it'll mess up the priority of the first telipad.
  4. It's based on what the player has done recently. there's 5 different states for every character: Normal, Attacker, Murderer, Reviver, and Firestarter. Woodie has a 6th examination for others when he's in his Beaver state. Normal = Default examination. Attacker = If the player has attacked another player in PVP (can also be activated by hitting yourself with a boomerang in PVE). Murderer = If the player kills another player in PVP. Reviver = If the player revives a ghost player with a heart only. Other methods don't trigger this. Firestarter = If the player recently set a player made structure on fire. Beaver = If the Woodie player is currently a Werebeaver. Yeah. You'll wanna go to: "Program Files (x86)>Steam>steamapps>common>Don't Starve Together>data>databundles>scripts>speech_[Character]" And I'd recommend opening the speech files with Notepad++ if you don't already have it installed.
  5. It's not one way. You can place two telipads(or telelocators) at the start and end points, then stand directly on top of the structure and activate to teleport back and forth between both areas. Not many people know this is a feature. So technically OP is right, you theoretically only need one trip, but it still requires some level of maintenance either way with mass crafting telebrellas or refilling the telelocators with purple gems each time.
  6. I think what most people are hoping for with Wagstaff in DST is an explanation on why he, probably one of the most lore-heavy characters to be added in recent years, is a base game character exclusive to singleplayer. That wasn't answered in the Hamlet release trailer, and we don't know anything else otherwise. - As for the Thumper, I can imagine it's going to be nerfed/rebalanced in a way that'll be fair to the other wood gathering characters in the game. I got no examples for how, I'll leave that up to Klei. - For the Teletools however, I see them as balanced already. The range they offer will not always be enough to reach the Lunar Islands or Atrium. Even if they are, the telebrella runs on limited durability, so traveling back and forth will not last forever, so Wagstaff isn't exactly a pick-and-switch character. Also, the telelocator does all of this already so why is no one complaining about that? - The goggles though are completely balanced. They aren't made to be used by the rest of the cast, and the fryfocals only deal 50 damage a shot, not 100, with only 10 uses. If Wagstaff is tossed into DST in the future with the rest of the rebalances in the future, I have hope he'll be balanced to fit in with the rest of the cast. Not like he needs much changed. Also Wormwood's main perks are grounded for use in literally every world. If you play him for the hayfever avoidance, you're using him wrong.
  7. Yeah, I overreacted at first. Island Adventures is in no way challenged by the additions of this update, and it in fact helps out our situation a lot. We can remove a lot of the sounds from our mod that has now been put into the official game, and we don't need to go through the trouble of making a million new custom floatable anims for the DST exclusive items/skins on water. On top of that, our worldgen of the RoG continent can be cleaned up significantly through how Klei has done theirs. The only thing that's going to waste is our Warly rebalance, which while I'm sad to see go, I'm happy he's officially supported now. Also we're still going to be porting Shipwrecked to DST, that's not going to change. However we still now need to fix IA with the new changes this update has presented, and make the Merged world work with SW/DST's waters, boats, and islands. After that's done we're gonna make SW a separate world and do the Volcano like everyone's asking for. We're also planning on including some of DST content from both ANR and RoT. Imagine using those new boat bases in a strictly SW world! I'm excited for the updates to come.
  8. Well with the addition of water, Woodlegs will be a perfect, sea-faring fit! I'm so ready for pirate expeditions with buddies.
  9. Warly's DST Debut Ideas

    I'm just gonna repost the ideas I had for Warly that I made up last summer. They recently got added into Island Adventures in our last big update. It's a shame to see them go to waste since Warly's now official, hopefully Klei can get some use out of these changes: Also assume that any tweak not listed here is Warly's default, such as stats and faster hunger drain. - Warly can now cook "Gourmet" Crock Pot dishes from any Crock Pot. "Gourmet" dishes give 33% (1.33x) more Health, Hunger, and Sanity than their normal versions, in addition to extending the alternate effects of other foods by 33%, such as ice cream, chili, coffee, and jellybeans. If the dish reduces any of these stats, the amount of negativity is reduced by 33%. As a balance, Gourmet foods spoil a bit faster than their normal versions, and cannot be stacked on normal versions of the same dish. (Reasoning: In singleplayer, Warly gains 33% higher stats from any crock pot dish he eats. Instead of this being a perk that applies to only our seasoned culinarian, why not buff it a bit and turn it into a team-friendly perk that Warly can share with others?) - Remove Warly's passive Crock Pot dish bonus. (Reasoning: Gourmet dishes aim to replace this perk. So instead of Warly gaining boosted stats from a normal dish, Warly gains normal stats from all crock pot dishes, but the Gourmet variants supply this missing boost, plus more.) - Remove the "Repeat Meals" penalty from Non-Crock Pot dishes Just keep the 70% from raw foods, 80% from dried, 90% from cooked. (Reasoning: Stacking the lowered stats of "Repeat Meals" on top of foods that are already nerfed by default just by not being crock pot dishes is overly punishing in a lot of cases.) - Change the "Repeat Meals" penalty to lower 3 times in DST (85% > 70% > 55%) rather than 5 times (90% > 80% > 65% > 50% > 30%) from SW. (Reasoning: This is an immediate nerf and a long term buff to Warly, intended to dampen the harshness of this drawback. The nerf is noted in that Warly receives lowered percentages per dish in the beginning. The buff comes in that this penalty caps out at 55% per dish compared to the 30% per dish found in singleplayer.) - Make Warly's 4 specific dishes exclusive to his character, not his Crock Pot. (Reasoning: It doesn't make a whole lotta sense for a character's culinary expertise to be dependent on what they cook in. Also in this case for a DST port, these dishes may have to be changed since half of them rely on SW ingredients to cook.) - Warly's Chef Pouch can only hold food items. (Reasoning: If this nerf is not applied, the Chef Pouch will act as a direct upgrade to the backpack, insulated pack, and sea sack, effectively rendering every item worthless.) - Add a quote or other visual cue to Crock Pot dishes that Warly recently ate. (Reasoning: As of right now there's no real way to see whether or not you can eat a dish again, or if you're a minute off. This allows Warly players to have a visual cue on whether or not they can reap the full benefits of their foods again.) - The Chef's Pouch and Portable Crock Pot are destructable, and can be crafted via expensive materials. (Reasoning: The Chef Pouch already followed this behavior in SW with being flammable, but for the Portable Crock Pot, if not destructable could be used as an invincible wall. Also the usefulness of each item warrants a high crafting cost.) - Change 1.75 day recipe remembrance to 1.5 days. (Reasoning: This is just a tweak, no real reasoning behind it besides easing up on Warly players.)
  10. You mean this thing? Sorry I don't have it in a higher res if that's what you're lookin for.
  11. Honestly the Hamlet cast (Wagstaff included) can be ported with almost no changes to their standard setup, it's just that hard to build upon perfection. They work well in any world. Only a few tweaks are needed, such as disallowing others from using Wagstaff's goggles, because while they can be used with only the blurry filter being applied, the cast's quotes strongly hint that they should not be functional at all. Another change needed would be tweaks to Wheeler's items, perhaps through adding a durability to both items, to disallow her from becoming a simple pick-and-switch character. The SW cast though is a tricky beast to handle. - Walani's perk is based on water and wetness, which can't really be changed much from her surfer-girl personality without risking changing the character entirely. I don't see a way to faithfully incorporate her into RoG at the moment. - Warly, I would do what we did over at Island Adventures and turn him into the team chef. What we did was remove his passive bonus he got from eating crock pot food, and instead incorporated that into any dish he cooked to share with others, labeled "Gourmet" food. This food is 33% better in all stats, and elongates the alternate effects of other foods, including ice cream, chili, coffee, and jellybeans. We also softened every aspect of his nerfs so he'd feel fun to play and not a detriment. The only nerf we added was making it so the Chef Pouch can only hold food items, otherwise it'd be a straight upgrade to the backpack, sea sack, and insulated pack, which is a huge balance breaker. - Wilbur can stay largely the same methinks, however he loses out on his ability to control Prime Apes, and can't easily reap the benefits of eating bananas if he has to travel to the ruins each time for em. It's hinted that canonically Wilbur can't control splumonkeys because they're not a part of "his tribe" and don't see him as king. I don't see this causing any issue if it were to be changed personally. Wilbur could be molded into a good explorer of the overworld, and ruins baser to take advantage of the banana sanity and monkeys that roam there. - Woodlegs... yikes. Half of his main perk lies in the Sea Legs, which can't even be benefited from in anything but SW, and all he's left with is a sanity drain and his treasure hat. His treasure pool would have to be tweaked significantly to be considered fair, and his sanity drain would either need a counter, such as digging treasure restoring X amount of sanity, or just leave it as an eternal drain and call that a day on his balance. He misses out on a lot by not having that boat. If Klei ports anybody from the DLCs though I'd be super excited to see how they'd handle it.
  12. All emote sounds, emote faces, quotes, and more are made solely by @CheeseNuggets101 himself. Gotta give the guy credit for how much effort he pours into those mods of his. And to keep on-topic, here's a screenshot of my favorite abomination, right behind Boof:
  13. [Poll] On Character Mods

    I would be the guy to ask about that. Basically we're redoing Erik and Daniel's perks in revamp mods in the future to make them more in-line with the DST cast, and scrub off any last bits of "self insert" off the characters. Maybe that includes W names? Who knows. Mainly cause Erik the Tennis Player has vaguely anything to do with athleticism or tennis, and now that Wortox is out, there's 2 variants of soul stealing characters with Daniel the Spectromancer. Not to mention the claim souls mechanic is a total rip on Abigail, so he'll probably get new spectral based abilities. Also we really want everyone to forget about Derik by the time the Erik revamp is out.
  14. Well since listing all 138 skins is gonna take me a while, I figured I'd get you guys started off with the 3 most important skins added on Tuesday. What's New? Common