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  1. I can't believe Chris is real and also on Klei Entertainment Forums

  2. They did remove the bad quotes at first, but some people on other platforms like Tumblr and such were still complaining about the character because those quotes existed at all in the first place. Nonetheless, I'd love to see Warbucks return with a complete revision as well. I loved the idea of an intrepid explorer/hunter character in DS/T, and would still like it to come to fruition.
  3. I think it's been pretty much established at this point that the reworks are going to focus on buffs and teamwork synergies rather than hard nerfs on anybody.
  4. Y'all, he just said he just installed the game and only has access to Wilson and Wagstaff, give the guy a break before recommending any other locked character in the roster. I'd go with Wilson first if you're new to the game and/or the DLC. Wagstaff is really fun, but a steep learning curve in comparison. You'll be able to more effectively focus on learning the new mechanics that come with SW if you go with Wilson, the starter character. Just make sure you shave when you can, Wilson's beard does not help him in this DLC. Hope that helps.
  5. Her voice is loud, grating, and annoyingly obnoxious, and I wouldn't have it any other way.
  6. You may have misunderstood me. I'm saying it's TOO major of a change to warrant doing. You may not know it, but switching between too entire games with the press of a button is a LOT of work. The games are balanced entirely differently. Also, the singleplayer game still has an active fanbase, so I dunno what you mean about a brighter future.
  7. The two games are too different in a lot of ways to warrant combining them. A "Solo Mode" like you're suggesting would be like switching between two games with the press of a button, it just doesn't make sense. You can play DST solo. You can play DS solo. They're two different experiences. Also not to mention that DST is the sequel to DS lore-wise.
  8. Looks more like a ham to me than an eye. Seems to be more up Wigfrid's alley.
  9. That's why many games have the disclaimer: "ONLINE INTERACTIONS NOT RATED BY THE ESRB" (or whatever other game rating systems exist out there).
  10. Fun fact, this was omitted from the console versions of the Forbidden Knowledge trailer. (The knife cut is removed and Wilson instead drips some purple substance into the vial.) So I'd say gore and blood is allowed to an extent, but not overstepping any boundaries, i.e. self harm or excessive gore.
  11. It's a 25% chance to drop, last I heard. But yeah, just craft a new flower with the skin, or use the Clean Sweeper.
  12. This is your main point people disagree with, not the palm tree glitch. DST is not an expansion to DS, it's a continuation of the first game's story. I'd like to see your source on that. My next point is that Klei said in the past that they do not want to split the community by adding paid DLC to Together. A few crock pot dishes is nothing. If they just straight up add the entire DLC for free into DST, then what would be the point of ever buying the single player game and DLC? It just doesn't make sense from a business standpoint. Just because they could doesn't mean they should. That's why Klei's adding in completely new content and borrowing VERY minimally from its prior DLC. I wouldn't call that them merging SW into DST.