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  1. The original modded skins is taking a while to update, it's broken rn. Also this one doesn't seem to be on the workshop.
  2. is dst dead like tf2

    Just because it doesn't advance the game past the "final" fight with fuelweaver doesn't mean it's not new content.
  3. is dst dead like tf2

  4. is dst dead like tf2

    Completely ignoring the new aquatic content, food, fishing, lunar biomes, and new boss, we have had absolutely NO new content guys.
  5. Can you also find a way to bring back the goofy Chicken Slippers that were only around as an event skin for Year of the Gobbler in 2017, before they were never seen again? I miss them
  6. Instant Noodles and I have been told that all Distinguished spear skins will not come with staff -Variants. Bit sad, but understandable. I feel like they'd look too similar to the default staves.
  7. What's New? Quite a lot actually. (WIP) Classy: Spiffy: Distinguished: Elegant: Loyal: Heirloom:
  8. Thanks @Instant-Noodles! I'm currently updating the main post to include all the new skins from Wormwood onward. However, first I gotta reorganize all the character-specific skins to be "by-character" instead of "by-collection". I did that for the Elegant skins so far, but I'm still in the process of sorting out the rest of the rarities. It's just a pain reorganizing a post made up of literal hundreds of images. Thanks for bearing with me, everyone.
  9. Does this mean the Eyebrella skin will release next cycle?
  10. Playstation actually changed their minds on this very recently. They opened up cross-platform multiplayer to all developers to add crossplay to their games, and a few major ones like Fortnite, Rocket League, and soon to be Minecraft are taking full advantage of the new feature. So if Klei ever decides to hop on the bandwagon, it'd be totally possible for Xbox, PS4, and PC players to play together. My only worry is with how console handles DST's updates, and mod compatibility on PC.
  11. Wheeler in DST

    Wheeler's fine as she is, the only change she really needs is giving the pewmatic horn a durability, and only allowing her to use the navigadget. I like your idea of finding other players with their corresponding items though. But maybe the item count should just be limited to their character specific items if applicable.
  12. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    He said a SLICE, sir. You're attempting to shove an entire cake down his gullet. I'd refuse it too.
  13. Victorian Warly looks way more like a chef when paired with a buttoned skirt.
  14. Maxwell Memes: The Sequel

    Oh! That reminds me of a Jojo meme I made of Magmatic Woodie and WX a few weeks ago: