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  1. Wurt

    This is the wurt timeline.
  2. Wurt

    The earliest we got an update and/or news is around 12-1pm EST, latest I've seen is 7-8pm EST, just about after the dev stream. So yeah I wouldn't give up hope yet on getting news today guys.
  3. Playstation actually changed their minds on this very recently. They opened up cross-platform multiplayer to all developers to add crossplay to their games, and a few major ones like Fortnite, Rocket League, and soon to be Minecraft are taking full advantage of the new feature. So if Klei ever decides to hop on the bandwagon, it'd be totally possible for Xbox, PS4, and PC players to play together. My only worry is with how console handles DST's updates, and mod compatibility on PC.
  4. TL;DR, OP wants to rework Woodie to literally just be his Singleplayer version. No.
  5. How strong is Woodie?

    Beaver has 0 chance to spawn Treeguards, he lasts for way longer than pre-hotfix (I think like 4+ minutes compared to 1 minute), and his sanity drain is reduced to practically nothing along with every other Were-transformation. He can solely focus on chopping trees now, with little to no interruptions from insanity and treeguards.
  6. Wheeler in DST

    Wheeler's fine as she is, the only change she really needs is giving the pewmatic horn a durability, and only allowing her to use the navigadget. I like your idea of finding other players with their corresponding items though. But maybe the item count should just be limited to their character specific items if applicable.
  7. How strong is Woodie?

    I think Woodie's new rework has turned him into the best "jack-of-all-trades" character in DST so far. Sorry Maxwell. - Beaver can now properly fell trees without the constant looming threat of Insanity and Treeguards, which is something Maxwell still has to deal with. And even if you do want Treeguards, Woodie now has the increased spawn chance for them in human form! Best of both worlds. - Moose is a great damage transformation. His charge is great for both escape and crowd control, and when paired with the right characters, he can tank his way through most bosses without taking a break. - Goose is faster than most players, except for maybe an overcharged WX, but nobody can run on water like he can! Goose is great for filling in the map in the early days, and can even rush the Lunar Island faster and easier than any other character in the game! I dunno about you, but I like the idea of having lunar tools and stone fruit in a base before Winter. If Goose was stuck to only wandering the land and not the sea, he'd still be arguably worse than the other transformations, so I'm glad Klei listened to all of our feedback. Now he has his own impactful niche to fill, just like the others. All of these makes Woodie a great pick for any team. His all-around usefulness can be boosted even further when paired with the right team, like Warly to increase the efficiency of the Beaver's chopping with Honey Crystals, and up the damage of the Moose with Chili Flakes. Wortox is also a good pairing to heal Woodie in his Were-forms, since he has no way to heal otherwise. This allows Moose to facetank almost every boss if he just so wanted to. The Goose also allows Woodie to share the location of the Lunar Island with his teammates to lessen the time they'll spend aimlessly sailing on the sea. Woodie is now useful for almost any situation, and I'm real thankful for it.
  8. >Listing "Quick Drop" as an unfair client mod. uhh... how? Both Console players and PC players that use controllers have access to this feature without needing the mod. The mod just allows players to have access to the same feature but with keyboard. That aside, this is a cool challenge. I might just have to make some friends to try.
  9. I'm repeating everyone else when I say I'm a (5k hour) veteran and I don't agree with this post. Not trying to be toxic, but don't speak on my, or anyone else, but your own behalf. - DST is a multiplayer game, of course a lot of its unfairness from DS is gonna have to be cushioned to ensure the screw-ups of one won't ensure everyone else's demise. The overall game should not be made harder for newcomers. - Your Woodie concerns are purely your opinion (and whoever you got to proofread your post). I haven't seen a Woodie main yet that has an issue with the new balance changes. He's a new and fun character with a grand change of pace from his singleplayer counterpart, that now fits snugly into a team/multiplayer setting. At least, in my opinion. Same with a few other DST characters, like Warly, Willow, and whoever's up to get rebalanced in the future. - Klei has an issue with balance, yes, but we as a community, doesn't matter the level of experience, give feedback based on our concerns. The whole "playtesting with a veteran's beta" thing makes no sense and splits the community in a totally nonsensical way; something Klei wants to actively AVOID. A small percentage of DST's playerbase, the veterans, cannot speak for everyone that plays the game. There's a reason Twitch streamers who don't play DST often, such as RTGame, were given character betas early to showcase. There's also a reason that every beta is public for everyone to test, NOT just the 1% of players that live, breathe, and dream DST. It's all about the genuine reactions and feedback from players from all walks of experience with the game. - Not all characters need impactful, game changing downsides. - I agree that DST needs more of a difficulty curve in the late-game to make it more enjoyable, not just optional content like raid bosses. I hope that's a focus with Return of Them. - An Expert/Hardcore mode sounds like it could be fun, if done correctly. With Love, One Don't Starve Veteran.
  10. Actually he's more based off of Van Pelt from the original Jumanji. Like, if you compare them side-by-side Warbucks looks like a direct rip. You can see it in his appearance and quotes, and even some of his (albeit bad) perks. He sports the same attire, both speak in the same "British Colonial" hunter's style, and both carry around gold coins(oincs). The main difference between them though is that Warbucks is geared more toward exploration, and Van Pelt is a full-on cold blooded big game hunter. If Warbucks were to be refreshed, I say Klei should dive all in on the Van Pelt references in his perks; give him a hunting rifle, give him hunting dogs, have him call Wilson "Sonny Jim". Being a hunter would fit Warbucks way better than an explorer, considering that's literally his original inspiration.
  11. My idea for WX's refresh

    Honestly if I wanted to see anything in the WX rework, it would be something similar to the one abandoned Singleplayer mod "WX Total Upgrade System Overhaul". In this mod, WX can choose to upgrade himself with a variety of new craftables, where HP, Sanity, and Hunger are all separate upgrades with no drawback. - The HP modules can be applied up to a max of 10 times, maxing out WX's HP at 300. - The Sanity modules can also be applied up to 10 times, maxing out WX at 200 sanity. - The Hunger modules also can be used up to 10 times, maxing out WX's hunger at 250. However, WX can also craft a variety of new advanced upgrades at the cost of other stats. These advanced upgrades are: - A Speed Module that increases overall speed at the cost of a faster hunger drain. (+10% speed, +20% faster hunger, max uses: 5) - A Combat Module that increases damage dealt at the cost of maximum HP. No a booster shot can't fix this. (+20% dmg, -10% max HP, max uses: 5) WX can also make Removal Kits for these two advanced upgrades, undoing their effects in case he ever wants his HP or hunger values back. That's actually all the mod has to offer, apart from a Journal to catalog your current upgrade advancements. Tl;dr: I'd like to see WX be able to upgrade himself with more craftable "side-grades" that trade off some stats for others rather than just straight upgrades by shoveling gears down his gullet.
  12. (Mostly DST) Forumite Tierlists

    [sad unincluded noises]
  13. There's millions of other healing options besides food. I suggest you use them if you want health. ...and y'know, git gud.
  14. The only thing Warly really needs to be more inviting for newbies to play is a visible cue for crock pot foods that are still on cooldown. A quote or a special spoilage meter would be good.