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  1. (Yees, losing motivation...)
  2. Turner stands beside Famen, as to protect him from anything that may happen.
  3. (Well Turner doesn't know that)
  4. (Okie) The drone locked back into Turner and the robot greeted his master as he returned, "I must ask you some questions when we are finished here." Turner inspected Jaw and the snake. "I know how to make antivenom." He stated.
  5. Unfortunately Turner didn't have a translation for dogs. He extended a cold metal hand to awkwardly pet the dog. "Very well, I will see you soon." The drone returns to Turner.
  6. "I recognize you as sir Famen's dog, what might your name be?" (Idk if it has a tag or something with its name on it) The drone found Famen, Wiffleball?, and Noctimus easily. "Sir, the ship is departing. Do you know where you're going?"
  7. "Thank you sir." Turner releases the drone and sends it into the woods to find his master.
  8. *Intensified impatience becomes more intense*
  9. Turner emerges from the cargo hold after organizing his stuff inside. He peers over the edge at Meritursas, "Sir, Famen is not on board the ship at the moment. Shall we wait for him and whomever else is not yet here?"
  10. *Impatience intensifies*
  11. Turner walked to the manor and began collecting the crates full of his spare parts. Time warps because he can't make it in one trip and narrating it is boring. He also brings some of the spare food from the manor otherwise it would have been wasted.
  12. "What shall I say? I need some things from the manor before we go as well! How many are sailing with us?"
  13. Turner gives it a good shove back and forth. It didn't break or fall or anything so I guess it was a success! "It would appear so. What now."
  14. (I find it hard to believe that Famen is holding an entire ship mast upright without fail xD) "I will bring the stone into the hull and set it in the bottom of the ship and we will attach the mast from there." Turner brought the stone down and cut out a slot for it. He made sure it was secure in there and then went up to Famen. He then carefully slides it down there with the help of Famen and bolts it into place. "Okay then..."