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  1. I hope it does - becouse Now it is just Trash optimization Just before few days when this game is gonna be reliesed. Even DS wasnt in such horroble condition at the start
  2. After last updates game is lagging as hell in late game. I cannot believe that game in condition like that is gonna be relieased...
  3. Downloaded your mod - No AutoSave Is this possible create some option in it? Save every x cycles for instance? After 1000 cycle approximately game has tendention to crash. This option could save a lot of time.
  4. I can not understand what is going on. I stopped aporkalypse once by using Aporkalypse Calendar. Now i have aporkalypse again. Problem is that i can not stop in anymore. I am stopping it and it is stopping But it stars Again when new day started. I have already three try to stop it and it happens again exactly on the next day...
  5. I have found some bugs in the world RoG which connects with this Dlc. I went from Shipwrecked to RoG world (I created new one) 1. Reciepe of Luxury Fan in RoG disappear. You just cannot to make it becouse there is no prototype in Alchemy machine 2. I did not recieve reciepe of Old Bell after mining Glommer's Statue 3. It is impossible to catch Flotsam by Fishing Rod (it is not working) in RoG, therefore it is impossible to catch Sea Worther to create portal to Shipwrecked 4. Spider Warriors in RoG now drops Venom Gland sometimes