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  1. It's been about 3 years since I last made a post since I got out of my DST phase. Now I'm back into it and rearing to go again. I need some mod help with this one character I'm making. I'll run through the deets; He's apathetically empathetic. He'll more than happily damage enemies but won't kill them. (With the exception below) If he puts on a mask he'll """transform""" to then be able to kill enemies (Also wanting to make him automatically equip it and stay equipped if he goes insane.) Loses Sanity/Stats when killing an enemy. If there's anything more that I need to provide to explain myself then please lemme know, I hope I get a reply and a bit of help! I'll be grateful for it c:
  2. Sweet dude, works awesomely well I noticed I didn't mention another attribute. The character (in this case, Sinky) is somewhat realistic, in the way of that if he's got healthy sanity, he'll happily gain/give some to other players, however, let's say his sanity is low (near borderline insane) he doesn't regain sanity, but instead, makes other players around him lose sanity, as if being insane is a bad impulse for other players. I calculated that when the max sanity is >15% then you'll go insane, so could I add some kind of code where it'll give sanity, else reduce sanity of others around him. Cheers again dude
  3. Hey all! I've been making mods for games for a few years now, and I've always just kinda self taught myself on what to do, but since I'm stuck on modding and I only know 1% of the code for DST, I was wondering if it was possible to have a sanity regen, but only if you're around with other players. In short, being around one player would have the same effect as wearing a garland, and the more players nearby the high the sanity increase rate, I'm also wondering if it's possible that if you aren't near a player, your sanity slowly drops (but doesn't double drop when it's dark at night or dusk, just regular dropping) Thanks for having a read, I'd love to see the results you can come up with! :'D (P.S. Bonus points if when you're near a player, the character says a line of text like "Hey bud!")