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  1. I get a "crashed on last start up" error before ever even loading the character. Then when I try to enable it and go back into mods, it's automatically "to be disabled" and doesn't load. 


    Are you sure? Because I'am playing DS/ROG using Wakkari/Wayrra and everything works just fine.

    Are you playing DS or DST? (note that DST version if different file than this one) 

  2. Hound mound is a home for hounds (pile of bones at all...) And yes - hounds attack him. Since it would be too easy if they didn't thats all. In future... ow well.. for future he will have feature special for hounds. 


    btw - update to 1.0.3 - fix the revive bug  (loosing the speed)

  3. Will this be updated for Don't Starve Together?

    Excuse me but it crashes when I use it I suggest you update for use on dont starve together as well

    dbspeer - crashes on what? DS or DS Together?

    Shotgun - yes, I will update it for DST just got one issue with the weapon. When I find some time it will be fixed and updated for sure :-)

  4. Mmmm ye. Staff is his like by default (like willow lighter, abigail flower etc.) Though more like making him befriend hound by using the staff (like feeding meat to pigs etc). Staff is called "Bell Staff" so let's say he could be some kind of hound-whisperer, using the sound of bells. Ideas, ideas... but will see :-) Yet I hope there won't be too many bugs :grin:

  5. Mhmm im thinking of it. Yet he has custom item - staff which YET works like a spear but in future I want the staff to be the item for befriending few hounds. Don't wanna make it too easy tho (so hounds won't be just friendly to him AT ALL by basics).

    Now he is working fine :-) Currently working on his speech lines. And on other character which is close to be done - Wayrra the Arctic Fox.

    Then of course will be some time for polishing both ^^

    Quicker update will be making him DST compatible I guess.

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