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  1. missing strings error

    So I had the same problem and after updating drivers etc... I unplugged my HDMI (It's a laptop) and ran it and the game started perfectly! (You may need to assign this program to run under your GPU though) Hope this helps, Ricky
  2. It's in English and I've tried verifying and reinstalling etc... xD thank you anyway
  3. Missing strings

    Quick question, does your MSI also happen to have 2 separate hard drives?
  4. Missing strings

    Literally the same problem here - same laptop and everything (but with a different graphics card) check in your files (C:/documents/Klei) if there is an OxygenNotIncluded folder for me
  5. I don't know if this is any help but I managed to screenshot one of the error messages in the dev console
  6. They both are. Okay so I've had a look into the pcadvisor thing and the preferred graphics card doodat isn't there - (I don't think I have an integrated graphics card) I think it's more to do with savegame files; literally in my documents/Klei there is no evidence of any interaction between ONI and the saves folder (I'm assuming it would store stuff in that folder like DS/T) like the error messages on the main menu all say "Missing.string. ..." and nothing is interactable apart from the quit button Also thank you for getting back to me so quickly.
  7. Also I noticed that it hasn't created a save file in documents/Klei like DS and DST have
  8. (Formerly titled: Game missing almost all text on main menu) - changed since I literally can't run the game at all and i didnt make it clear before. Clicking the buttons does nothing other than highlight them briefly; other than the "Report crash" and "Quit to desktop" that is. Hi I've just bought the ONI and ran it, then the main menu doesn't do anything ;-; (evidence attached) pls help (NB: I've tried re-installing, restarting the game and my computer but to no avail) I've uploaded the "output_log.txt" file also
  9. Hello, Whilst playing on my friends server as WX-78 and later Wilson, in the Caves enabled version (All red text/ink is me annotating the images as they came - the first was on one world, the last two on another - we died on the first due to sanity drain on day 2 somehow.) I entered one of the caves openings, came out and this happened: My health, sanity and hunger were all 100 when i hovered over them, however displayed as 0 for sanity, the max for hunger and about 60 for health. After being killed by bunnymen like 5 mins later, I became an invisible ghost which randomly gained a wetness of 32768 (2^15) Then later, at the start of day 2 this happened: *lightning - forgive the spelling mistake lol