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  1. Winsley the Culinary Weasel

    An amateur character mod introducing Winsley, the Culinary Weasel.
    Currently speaking he is a chef aka food enthusiast that grows hungry rather fast, however his stats are better than Wilson's in comparison. He has the ability to create a crock pot early on in the game as to counteract his increased hunger rate, and food passive will allow higher survival rate as the game progresses.
    Being thrown into the world of Don't Starve, the pressure will be on to manage survival with his increased bonus and hunger, good luck.
    Health: 175
    Hunger: 200
    Sanity: 150
    Increased Hunger Rate, Stats, and minor sanity loss.
    Winsley is fully customized for the basic Don't Starve except for Audio and truly significant ability. (Pending, increased stats are currently 'covering' for the time being.)
    He will spawn with all the components and access to the Crockpot without needing a Science Machine. (alternative 'cooking utensils' may apply in the future)
    Currently lacking a Ghost, and perhaps some custom Dialect for RoG. Note that some of the dialogue may not work and return to default speech pattern.
    This is mostly just a beta testing of it to be honest, and I'd like to see what everyone thinks of Winsley. Hopefully he'll be a manageable character to play with.
    Be sure to forward your reviews and troubles below regarding him and I hope you enjoy!
    Previous Changes:
    *More for your money: New Passive, 2x benefits from eating. 2XHealth, 2XSanity, 2XHunger
    *Slightly less Sane: Swapped Health and Sanity Bars to compensate new passives.
    *Ain't no Wile E. Coyote: Speed Reduction: [WS: 1.3->1.1], [RS: 1.5->1.3]
    *A tad Nocturnal: Sanity Loss from Dark reduced by 0.1
    (Notify me if the character seems unbalanced please! I'm trying my best to make him a fair, but fun character!)